511 Traffic Systems in Kentucky

511: America's Traveler Information Telephone Number

America's Traveler Information Telephone Number―or, simply 511―provides drivers throughout most of the country with the traffic-related information Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) gathers.

While 511 is a great help for those drivers who have access to it, unfortunately not all states use 511. To find more information about 511's bigger picture, visit the Federal Highway Administration's America's Traveler Information Telephone Number website.

For Kentucky-specific information, read on.

Kentucky 511 Availability

Good news―511 is active in Kentucky!

  • Call 511 if you're within Kentucky.
  • Call toll free (866) 737-3767 if you're out of state.
  • Check out the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's program, Dial 511, online if you're planning a trip or want to look up information for a loved one already out on the road.

Kentucky 511 Traffic-Related Information

Kentucky's 511 provides:

  • Current driving conditions for the entire state. The drop-down menu allows you to access conditions for more specific areas of Kentucky.
  • Information about rest areas and weigh stations.
  • Tourism highlights.
  • Maps and driving tips.
  • Instructions on how to report traffic-related problems.
  • Traffic cams (via Dial 511 online).

Additional Information

Kentuckians can find a wealth of traffic-related information when they call 511 or visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's program, Dial 511, online. You may also want to contact:

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