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    Driving infractions are recorded on your driving record according to the state's point system as a way of controlling unsafe and reckless drivers in Kentucky.

    Your driver's license can actually be suspended once you have accumulated a certain number of points (12 points within 2 years, or seven points if you're under 18), and some driving violations go beyond just earning you a ticket and points―they could cause immediate suspension or revocation of your license. Check out our Suspended License section for more details.

    Moving Violations and Non-Moving Violations

    Whether intentional or accidental, there are several mistakes drivers make that often result in costly consequences―tickets and accidents. These include both moving and non-moving traffic violations.

    Check Your Driving Record

    Moving violations include those traffic infractions that occur when a vehicle is in motion, and non-moving violations include traffic infractions that occur when a vehicle is not in motion.

    Moving Violation Examples

    • Driving too fast or too slow
    • Ignoring or failing to notice road signs and changes in traffic lights
    • Not using your turn signals or failing to notice another driver's turn signals
    • Driving too close to other vehicles
    • Failing to correctly pass or attempting to prevent another driver from passing you

    Non-Moving Violation Examples

    • Parking in front of a fire hydrant
    • Parking in a no-parking zone
    • Parking in front of an expired meter

    Receiving traffic tickets can result in a big increase in your insurance premiums, even if you take care of them through standard channels. The best way to avoid unnecessary rate increases is simply to be a safe driver and follow the rules of the road at all times.

    KY State Traffic School

    The Kentucky State Traffic School (STS) program can help you lower the points accumulated on your driver license and possibly satisfy a citation.

    In order to be eligible for STS, you must:

    • Not be under suspension.
    • Only attend for minor traffic violations.
    • Be referred by the court.

    If you're eligible for STS, the court will send a referral (which is basically an order) to the Division of Driver Licensing (DDL) and the DDL will send you a letter with instructions to follow. When you reply with the $15 enrollment fee, the DDL will send a letter with your STS date, time, and location.

    Once you're signed up for traffic school, it becomes a court requirement that must be satisfied. If you fail to attend the scheduled session, your license could be suspended until you complete the course.

    If there's an emergency reason you need to reschedule, please email the DDL at the address on the agency website (scroll down to Contact Information). Be sure to include your name, address, driver license number, and the reason you need to reschedule.

    Out-of-State Issues

    Kentucky drivers who receive tickets in other states may attend the Kentucky STS if their out-of-state judge gives them permission. If this is the case for you, simply send the $15 enrollment fee and a letter to the DDL explaining the situation. Include your name, address, and license and Social Security numbers, as well as the location of the school you'd like to attend.

    Out-of-state drivers who receive tickets in Kentucky will have the option of attending the Kentucky STS or the traffic school in their home state.

    For more information regarding STS, including locations and scheduling times, check out the DDL's information page and the main STS website and FAQ.