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  • Replacing a Lost Title in Kentucky

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    If you've lost your Kentucky title, we're sure you're in a hurry to replace it; otherwise, how would you prove your vehicle is your own?
    KY Replacing a Lost Title

    The process to replace your lost KY title is fairly simple. You'll need to:

    • Download, print, and complete the replacement application using the free Adobe Reader. You'll mark that you're applying for a duplicate title, and you'll be required to give a reason for the application (i.e., the original is lost, destroyed, damaged, etc.)
    • Gather up your driver's license.
    • Jot down your license plate number or title number, if you know it.
    • Dig at least $6.00 out of your wallet (see note below).
    • Head to your local County Clerk's office.

    Note: While the fee for a duplicate title is $6.00, you'll also be required to pay notary fees, which may vary. It's probably best to call ahead and find out the exact amount.

    Once you turn in your application at the County Clerk's office, your duplicate title will typically be printed out and mailed to you within one or two business days.

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