Motorcycle Registration in Kentucky

Registering a Motorcycle for the First Time

Registering your motorcycle for the first time is similar to registering your car for the first time. You can register and title your motorcycle for the first time in one of two ways: at the dealership from which you purchased your motorcycle, or at your County Clerk's office.

If you purchased your motorcycle from a dealership, the dealer will handle all paperwork for you and you'll be charged the applicable fees right there.

If you purchased your motorcycle from an individual, or you simply wish to handle the registering and titling yourself, gather your title (if purchased from an individual) or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (if purchased from a dealership). Also bring along your proof of insurance and the applicable fees and taxes; you'll need to register at the County Clerk's office.

Vehicles from Out of State

New residents must title and register their vehicles after establishing Kentucky residency. Take your current title and registration to your County Clerk's office and they'll give you the necessary paperwork to complete.

Registration Fees

Motorcycle registration fees include 6% of the sale price.

Renewing Your Registration

Renewing your motorcycle registration is similar to renewing your car registration. The month your motorcycle registration expires depends on your birth month. You'll receive your renewal notification before your registration expires.

When you head to your County Clerk's office to renew your registration, take your current registration, proof of insurance, and the fee for your license plate.

You can also renew your registration through the mail or online (as long as you meet the online registration requirements).

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