Lost Traffic Ticket in Kentucky

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Kentucky Traffic Ticket Information

If you lost your KY traffic ticket, you may be able to search online for your ticket information by using the Kentucky Court of Justice website. You always have the option to contact the presiding Kentucky district court directly.

Keep reading to get information about lost traffic tickets in Kentucky. The information is related to moving violations that result in a traffic citation. These include red light tickets as well as speeding tickets. Some information may also be applicable to a lost parking ticket, but check with your county court to make sure.

If you can't find your traffic ticket, you might be able to search for your lost KY traffic ticket online.

The Kentucky Court of Justice website features a tool to search Kentucky court records online by party, case, or citation. You don't have your lost traffic ticket, so chances are you don't know the case or citation number; however, you can try to use the “Search by Party" option, which only requires your last name.

If the system finds your lost ticket, it will take you to a page that provides you with enough information to either take care of your prepayment, or contact your county's court (see below); if it doesn't, you'll need to follow the below instructions.

Determine Where You Got Your KY Traffic Ticket

Kentucky handles traffic violations on a county level. If you can remember which county you were ticketed in, skip down to learn how to contact that county's courthouse where you received your traffic violation.

If you can't remember which county you were in, you can contact your local office of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC).

Visit the Kentucky County Court Website

Once you know the county you received your Kentucky traffic citation in, you can visit the KY Court of Justice's website to search circuit court clerks by county. Your county's page provides contact and address information.

Because you lost your KY traffic ticket, when you call the court you'll need to ask about:

  • Your court date and time. Traffic tickets include these, and you need them for two reasons:
    • To prepay your ticket fine and court cost (if you choose to plead "guilty").
    • To respond to your KY traffic ticket on time and avoid license suspension.
  • Acceptable payment methods.

This is also a good time to let the clerk know if you want to request Kentucky traffic school. Usually, drivers can send a written request along with a copy of their traffic citations and all applicable ticket fines and fees, but because you don't have a copy of your lost traffic ticket, go ahead and find out about requesting traffic school over the phone or in person.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your KY Ticket

Once you obtain your lost KY traffic ticket information, you can submit your plea. Kentucky allows drivers to plead either "guilty" or "not guilty" to traffic citations.

Those who plead "guilty" agree to pay their traffic ticket fines and court costs, and deal with any applicable penalties. Sometimes, their judges allow them to attend traffic school to avoid point accumulation.

Drivers who plead "not guilty" go to court and fight their traffic tickets. Generally, they give up options to plead to lesser offenses or attend Kentucky traffic school, but if they win they don't have to pay ticket fines or deal with any other penalties.

Before making a final decision, check our sections on Paying Your Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Traffic Ticket to learn more about your options.

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