Fight Traffic Ticket in Kentucky

SUMMARY: How to Fight a Kentucky Traffic Ticket

If you choose to fight your KY traffic ticket, you'll likely need to go to court on your appearance date. For specific details about fighting a traffic violation, refer to your ticket or contact the appropriate traffic court.

Fighting Your KY Traffic Ticket

In Kentucky, you may be able to plead "guilty" and pay your traffic ticket (perhaps even online), or plead "not guilty" and fight the ticket in court.

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Request a hearing.
  • Prepare your case, perhaps with legal assistance.
  • Give up any possibility of pleading to lesser charges and penalties.
  • Pay no fees (except any applicable court costs/attorney fees) if found not guilty.
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

What It Means to Fight Your KY Traffic Ticket

Fighting your Kentucky traffic ticket means pleading "not guilty" and going to court to make your case. Subsequently:

  • If you win your case, you will not have to pay a traffic ticket fine or incur any penalties.
  • If the court finds you "guilty," you have to pay everything and deal with any additional penalties.

NOTE: Before proceeding to fight your KY traffic ticket, be aware that you're giving up the opportunity (in most cases) to plead to lesser penalties or attend a Kentucky traffic school course to avoid point accumulation. Due to these risks, drivers who choose to fight their citations often hire traffic ticket lawyers.

Avoid a Driver's License Suspension

Your Kentucky traffic ticket includes a court date and time in the “Court" section. If you cannot make that appointment, contact your court to ask about rescheduling.

Do this as soon as possible, as failing to respond to your traffic ticket on time could result in a driver's license suspension.

Pleading Guilty or No Contest in Kentucky

Generally, pleading "guilty" means you pay your KY traffic ticket fines and court costs outright, and deal with any related penalties (such as point accumulation). Sometimes, the judge will give a driver the option to enroll in traffic school to satisfy the ticket and avoid incurring points.

Visit our page about Paying Your Kentucky Traffic Ticket to learn more about your options.

Notify the Kentucky Traffic Court

Locate the KY County Court

You can find the city and county in which you were ticketed on your citation in the section labeled “Date/Time." For more information, you can contact your court by visiting the website of your KY courthouse.

Schedule Your Court Hearing

Most Kentucky traffic tickets include court date and time information in the section labeled “Date/Time." This is the date you must show up and plead not guilty.

If your ticket doesn't contain this information or you can't make the scheduled date on your ticket, you'll need to contact your court to ask about rescheduling.

Hire a KY Traffic Ticket Attorney

Some drivers don't feel confident enough to fight a traffic ticket before a judge and the officer who cited them. Other drivers may be facing criminal charges and a loss of driving privileges or freedom. In either case, you may want to consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney who is well versed in Kentucky traffic laws.

Prepare Your Traffic Ticket Case

You have from the day you decide to fight your KY traffic ticket until the court date printed on your citation to prepare your case. Often, traffic ticket lawyers help drivers in this area. Whether you're planning your case yourself or with legal help, be sure to consider:

  • Any evidence that helps prove your innocence.
  • Witnesses who can testify about the situation.
  • Your own testimony.
  • Whether you plan to testify or let your lawyer talk on your behalf.

Plead Your Case Before a Judge or Jury

During your hearing, the judge will talk with you, the officer who cited you, and any witnesses either of you bring. After hearing testimony and viewing evidence, the judge will decide whether you're "guilty" or "not guilty."

Usually, if you're found "not guilty," you can put the situation behind you; if you're found "guilty," though, you will need to pay your traffic ticket fines, court costs, and any other surcharges, as well as incur penalties like point accumulation or even a driver's license suspension or revocation.

Filing an Appeal in Kentucky

Your traffic ticket lawyer can file an appeal for you. However, if you don't have one, talk with the judge or clerk about the paperwork you need to complete to appeal your verdict.

Check Your Kentucky Driving Record

Regardless of your verdict, it's a good idea to check your KY driving record. If you're found "not guilty," you should make sure you don't accumulate any points, and if you're found "guilty," you should make sure your point accumulation hasn't put them too close to driver's license suspension.

Learn more about how the Kentucky Point System can affect your driving privileges.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

If you are found not guilty of your traffic ticket, you shouldn't experience any changes in your current auto insurance rates. However, you might see a rate increase the next time you renew their policies if the court finds you guilty and you receive points on your driving record.

To avoid these additional costs, talk with your agent about whether your KY traffic violation (and any added points) will affect your rates. If you find out it will, start comparing auto insurance rates online to find a better price.

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