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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Kentucky

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    Kentucky Drivers with Disabilities

    This page contains information about obtaining a disabled parking permit, and other driving aids and vehicle modifications for disabled drivers. Be sure to also check out our License Plates and Placards section, as well as the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website for information about Kentucky's disabled-issue license plates.

    Kentucky Disabled Placard Requirements

    If you have a qualifying disability, you are eligible to receive special parking placards. A qualifying disability is defined as follows:

    • Loss of an arm.
    • Blindness.
    • Inability to walk 200 feet without having to rest.
    • Inability to walk without the help of a brace, cane, person, or other device.
    • Need for portable oxygen.
    • Cardiac disease with resulting Class III or Class IV limitations, according to the American Heart Association.
    • Inability to walk or difficulty walking as a result of an orthopedic or neurological condition.

    Contact your physician if you have questions about any of the qualifying circumstances above.

    KY Handicap Placard Application Procedure

    In order to be granted a disabled parking permit in Kentucky, you must have a completed Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit (Form TC- 96-204) signed by a licensed physician verifying that you have a qualifying disability. You will need Adobe Acrobat to access the application.

    The application is used for both a permanent disability parking permit and a temporary disability parking permit. Permanent disability parking permits are valid for 2 years and are renewed using the Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit (Form TC- 96-204). Temporary disability parking permits are valid for 3 months.

    Submit the signed application at your local county clerk's office.

    This permit will allow you to park legally in designated parking spaces for the disabled.

    If approved, you'll receive a placard to display on your rearview mirror or dashboard when you park in a designated disabled parking spot.

    For more information about disabled parking permits, including those ordered by agencies, read KRS 189.456.

    Specialty Disabled License Plates

    You may also apply for a specialty disabled license plates if you are a veteran, former prisoner of war, or motorcycle rider. Some of these special plates will have an initial fee as well as an annual one.

    For more information, visit the website.

    Traveling to Kentucky?

    Whether your Kentucky disabled placard is valid in a different state is up to that state. Contact the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for details―it might already have specific information about the state in question. You can also contact the destination state's DMV directly.

    For extra protection, you should always carry in your vehicle a copy of the physician's statement that certifies your disability.

    For those traveling to Kentucky from another state, don't fret. Kentucky honors out-of-state placards.

    Kentucky Driver Evaluation/Vehicle Modification Program

    As part of the Driver Rehabilitation Technology Program, trained professionals provide services and recommendations to new drivers, drivers in need of special equipment, and drivers with deficient driving skills.

    You can get recommendations for how to to modify your vehicle/s and you can also purchase the equipment and have it installed and inspected.

    For more information about the program, contact the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation:

    • Telephone: (859) 246-2117.
    • Fax: (859) 246-2799.
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