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    No Minimal Training Requirements

    You may feel overwhelmed with all the tests and paperwork it takes to obtain your CDL. Although Kentucky doesn't have any minimal training requirements for CDL applicants, the Commercial Driver License Manual is a good place to start educating yourself on basic information. Many applicants also opt to enroll themselves in a training school.

    Passing the Skills Test

    In order to pass your driving skills tests, you will need to learn how to inspect vehicles before driving, learn how to couple and uncouple tractors and trailers, and have plenty of practice driving. This includes driving in different conditions and on different road surfaces, turning, parking, backing up, and braking.

    Many motor carriers train their employees, while other drivers take courses at private driving schools, vocational or technical schools, and community colleges. The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) has set minimum standards for training curriculums and certifies driver training courses that meet industry and Federal Highway Administration (FHA) guidelines. Many employers require their drivers to take PTDI-approved training.

    While the DDL doesn't offer any approved third-party training course providers, you can find these companies in the yellow pages under Truck Driving and other related keywords.

    Check out the list of CDL testing sites throughout the state. You can make appointments over the phone.

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