511 Traffic Systems in Kansas

What is 511?

To make it easier to plan your business and leisure travel, dial 511 to access current information on road conditions, closures, and weather-related accidents for the Kansas State Highway System and the Kansas Turnpike. The 511 service is also known as America's Traveler Information Telephone Number.

Information provided by the Kansas 511 service comes from the Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Turnpike Authority, and other relevant governmental organizations throughout the state. Because the information is route-specific, it is much more detailed than the weather updates you hear on your local television and radio stations. Information offered by the Kansas 511 service is also guaranteed to be more current than other travel report sources, because the program is scheduled to automatically check for updates every few minutes.

Using 511 Outside the State

Since 511 is a nationwide service, dialing 511 will only access Kansas-related travel information if you are calling from a phone located within the state. If you are currently outside Kansas and wish to access the state's information, you'll need to dial (866) 511-5368.

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