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    There are separate registration rules for trailers, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and custom built or salvaged vehicles. Registration in these cases can get complex, so we've broken down each process.

    ATVs and Snowmobiles

    The Kansas Treasury Department does not require the registration and titling of snowmobiles, car trailers, or ATV's, as they do with other motor vehicles.

    But some counties require local registration for ATVs and snowmobiles, so check with your local police station. You may even be required to present the ATV in person for a photograph and local registration paperwork completion.


    Most trailers are exempt from registration.

    Registering your Recreational Vehicle

    We have all the information you'll need about how to register your RV and Motorhome, along with the fees, taxes and other information you may require.

    Boat Registration

    There's a little more work involved in registering a boat in Kansas, as there are certain measurements required, painting to do, stickers to apply , and they must be applied according to strict specifications, plus other little things to do. Here's where you can learn all about the process for registering your boat in Kansas.

    Custom or Salvage Car Registrations

    There's one main rule when you are customizing, redesigning, or building a kit car, and that is keep each and every paper you ever receive regarding the vehicle you are building, repairing, restoring or customizing. The entire process for registering custom cars, salvaged vehicles or any other specialized motor vehicle in which the body and any of the main components were not built together at the factory, or whose Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) do not match, will revolve around this paperwork. It's also helpful to take photographs of your work in progress.

    Regular Vehicle Registration

    To register and title cars, review the basic information for car registrations and title transfers in general.

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