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    Kansas is located in the heart of the nation, and is sometimes called "the breadbasket of America." Kansas is actually named after the Kansa Indians; the word Kansa means "People of the South Wind."

    New To Kansas? Welcome!

    Welcome to the heartland of America.

    Of course, you're probably occupied with the hustle and bustle of unpacking, finding your way around and getting introduced to the neighborhood, but once you have a few minutes, take some time to look through Kansas at a Glance, a resource from the office of the Governor of Kansas. You'll learn fun and interesting information about your new home.

    Switching Your Driver's License

    Now that you've survived the move and the unpacking, it's time to think about changing your license to a Kansas license and switching your vehicle registrations.

    Getting a Kansas Driver's License

    In order to apply for your Kansas driver's license, you will need to go in person to your local driver's license exam station and do the following:

    If you have teens, check our teen drivers section for more information on driver's education requirements and driver's training rules in Kansas.

    Other Exam Station Services

    As long as you are at a driver's license exam station, you may do a number of other little "chores" that need to be done after a move. You may register to vote or learn about how to become an organ donor. While you're there, pick up a Kansas Driving Manual to check the local rules of the road.

    Transferring Title and Registration

    To register a vehicle in Kansas, the first thing you'll need to do is have it inspected at any Kansas Highway Patrol inspection station.

    Once you have completed the inspection, you must take your paperwork to a county treasurer's office to register the vehicle. See our sections on passenger vehicle registration or motorcycle registration, depending on the vehicle. There's even more information in our comprehensive registration and titling section.

    Kansas also has a personalized and specialized license plate program. Show your colors!

    Drivers in the Military

    Are you here on assignment with the armed forces? We have a separate section just for drivers in the military to assist you.

    More Information

    You can get assistance with your disabled parking identification in our section for drivers with disabilities.

    State Facts and Symbols

    • Song: "Home on the Range"
    • Animal: American buffalo
    • Reptile: ornate box turtle
    • Amphibian: barred tiger salamander
    • Insect: honeybee
    • Bird: western meadowlark
    • Tree: cottonwood
    • Nicknames: Wheat State, Sunflower State, Jayhawker State