Motorcycle Registration in Kansas

Registering a motorcycle in Kansas is the same as registering an automobile.

If you've just purchased a motorcycle, you'll need to title and register it in person. If you're renewing your registration on a current cycle, Kansas makes the task easier by offering you the option of registering in person, by phone, by mail, or online.

First-time Registration

To title and register a newly purchased motorcycle, take the following items to your county treasurer's office:

  • Properly signed and notarized manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO)or title. You'll need the MSO if it's a new car and the title if it's a previously owned motorcycle.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Sales tax receipt if the motorcycle was purchased from a dealer (if not, sales tax must be paid when you apply for the title).
  • Motorcycles must show proof of payment of personal property taxes.
  • You must sign the Title and Registration Application.

The title fee in Kansas is $10. There will also be registration fees based on the vehicle's value and where you live. If there is a lien on the title, the new title will not be issued until the liens are released. If there isn't a lien on the title, you should receive your new title within four weeks from the date of application.

If the title for the motorcycle was issued in another state, the motorcycle and the title must be taken to a motor vehicle inspection station for an inspection of the vehicle identification number (VIN). The Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Kansas Highway Patrol has inspection stations across the state.

Registration Renewal

If you received a renewal notice in the mail, simply fill it out and return it with payment. A renewal notice isn't necessary if you plan to renew in person. Be sure to bring your license plate number and proof of insurance.

Remember, proof of insurance is mandatory. It needs to include the name of the insurance company; your name and policy number; the year, make and VIN of the motorcycle; and an expiration date. Each motorcycle you intend to renew requires proof of insurance.

You may submit your renewal to a county treasurer's office near you.

If you'd rather renew online, be sure to have a credit card handy to pay your property taxes and registration renewal fees. Also, to renew online your insurance company must participate with the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles (to be verified online}.

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