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    Driver manuals are a great source of information for today's driver. Whether you're a new driver, transferring your driver's license from another state, or are looking to add a motorcycle endorsement to your license, you'll want to get copies of these manuals from your local Division of Vehicles.

    Teen drivers, commercial drivers and commercial driving students can also benefit from the wealth of information in the Kansas driver manuals, and they are a requirement for all new drivers, no matter what age.

    Great Help for a Long-time Driver

    If you have been driving for years and feel like you are an excellent driver with no accidents or moving violations on your driving record, chances are you could still learn a thing or two from the Kansas Driving Handbook.

    The Rules of the Road

    The Kansas Driving Handbook is also a good resource for people wishing to learn or to stay abreast of the rules of the road. You can use it for an occasional brush-up on new or unfamiliar laws that may have come into effect recently, or, maybe you just want to brush up your general driving knowledge.

    New Drivers Benefit, Too

    For the new driver, the manual is a must-read and re-read, because everything that is on the test is covered in it.

    Teen Drivers

    If you are a teen and are preparing to get your learner's permit, you will want to use the manual to study for the written knowledge test. Once you finish driver education and graduate to behind-the-wheel driving practice, you'll also need a copy of the Teen Driving Log to keep track of all the practice hours you'll be putting in while learning to drive.


    If you are planning to get a motorcycle license, you most certainly want a copy of the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual to ready yourself for the motorcycle tests.

    Commercial Drivers

    All commercial driver's license students will need a copy of the Kansas Commercial Driver's License Manual to learn about what will be required of you at your CDL testing. Keep a copy with you for a while after you get your license, just to keep in touch with the "little things" that can trip up an unsuspecting new CDL holder.