Lost Traffic Ticket in Kansas

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Kansas Traffic Ticket Information

If you recently lost your KS traffic ticket, you can find ticket information by contacting the appropriate district (county tickets) or municipal court (city tickets).

Continue reading this page to learn more about finding lost traffic ticket information in Kansas. This includes information for moving violations as a result of a red light ticket, a speeding ticket, or anything associated with a traffic citation. This information may also apply to parking tickets, but check with your county to be certain.

Kansas doesn't provide an online traffic ticket search; however, you have other options to handling a lost ticket.

If you already know which court has your Kansas traffic ticket, move on down to Contact Your Kansas Court.

If you don't know which court has your KS ticket, you'll need to go through a process of elimination.

Two types of courts handle KS traffic citations: Municipal Courts and District Courts.

  • Municipal Courts handle city-level traffic tickets. Did you receive your traffic ticket in a city or from a city officer?
  • District Courts handle county- (and usually state-) level traffic tickets. Did a county or state officer write your Kansas traffic citation? Were you on a county or state highway when you were speeding?

Remember the General Area

If you can remember the general area where you received your KS traffic violation, you can contact the Municipal Court and District Court in that area and just ask who has your ticket. Unfortunately, you can't just call the DOR to find ticket info.

Contact Your Kansas Court

Once you know or have a good idea of which court has your KS traffic citation, you can contact your court and find out important information such as:

  • The traffic ticket fine and court costs.
  • The date by which you must pay the ticket or notify the court you want to schedule a hearing.
  • Whether you're required to appear in traffic court. (If you're not, you might pay your KS ticket online or by mail.)

Visit the Kansas Judicial Branch website. Under “Kansas Courts," choose “Municipal Courts" or “District Courts." From that page, you can visit your court's website for contact, address, and other information.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your KS Ticket

You can plead in one of three ways:

  • Guilty.
  • No contest.
  • Not guilty.

Generally, pleading "guilty" or "no contest" means paying your ticket fine and dealing with the penalties in Kansas. The severity of the ticket fines and penalties depends on your traffic violation.

Pleading "not guilty" means notifying the court you want to contest the traffic violation and scheduling a hearing to plead your case.

Our Paying Your KS Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your KS Traffic Ticket provide more details about each of these options.

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