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  • License Plates & Placards in Kansas

    There are many ways to show your colors, your support, your hobbies, and even your career, on the highways and byways of Kansas. One of the favorite ways for Kansas drivers is through personalized and specialized license plates.

    Disabled Parking License Plates and Placards

    If you have a disabling condition that interferes with your ability to walk, you may be qualified for disabled parking plates and placards.

    Use the Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard and/or Plate (Form TR-159) to request your disabled parking placard or license plates. The Kansas DMV will send you your choice of either separate placards, or a placard and a license plate. Having an extra placard can come in handy if you drive or use different vehicles from time to time.

    Temporary and Permanent Disabilities

    Disabled parking is available for those with disabling conditions, both permanent and temporary. If your disability is temporary, you will be issued placards only. Disabled parking license plates are only issued to those with permanent disabilities. When you complete your application, be sure to check the proper place as indicated for disabled license plates. If you need more information on disabled parking placards, please see our section on drivers with disabilities.

    Kansas Personalized License Plate

    If you want to purchase your own personalized license plates, you will need to start the process with a visit to your local county treasurer's office. You'll need to order and pay for the new plates at least four months before your vehicle's registration renewal is due.

    Automobile plates are limited to 7 letters, numbers and/or spaces, motorcycle plates are allowed 5 letters, numbers and/or spaces.

    Fee: $46.50 for auto or truck, $45.50 for motorcycle.

    Five-year Cycle

    Kansas issues its personalized license plates for 5 years at a time. Personalized plates are available in only one plate style, which is unique to personalized plates only. The current artwork is of a brown buffalo on a tan background, which was introduced in 2005.

    Personalized Plate Fees

    Personalized plates cost $46.50, and are valid for 5 years. At the end of each cycle, you must renew the personalization, but you will not be charged a fee. Please note that this fee is in addition to your normal vehicle registration fees, personal property taxes, plate fees, and county service fees.

    Specialty Plates

    Specialty plates are those with artwork that displays a logo or symbol for a cause, association, group, or club. Each plate is priced separately and each link will give you information on where you may obtain the plate and the fees involved.

    Here is a list of some of the specialty plates available in Kansas:

    Antique Plates

    Kansas has several types of plates available for older vehicles.

    • Antique plates are for vehicles that are at least 35 years old. Owners may opt to use the original model-year Kansas plate, as long as the plate is in good condition. Read the state law concerning these plates for more detailed information.
    • Special-interest plates are for vehicles that are more than 20 years old and have not undergone significant modification from the manufacturer's specifications. You can make safety changes for better operability and to meet modern safety standards.
    • Street-rod plates are for vehicles made before 1949 that have undergone changes.

    To apply for either the special-interest or street-rod plates, complete a Special Interest Vehicle/Street Rod Affidavit (Form TR-145) and take it to your county treasurer's office.

    Special-interest or street-rod vehicle owners must own another vehicle with a standard registration that is used for everyday transportation.

    Surrendering Kansas License Plates

    The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) requires you to return their license plates after relocating to another state or selling your vehicle in order to receive a registration refund and remove your name from the vehicle records.

    To apply for a refund, contact your the local county treasurer's office where the vehicle was registered. You'll typically need to provide them with the old license plate, registration receipt and your Social Security number. Depending on the specific county office procedures, you may have the option of mailing in your refund request or visiting the KS DOR in person.

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