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  • Driver Handbook in Kansas

    Kansas Driver's License Handbook

    The Kansas Division of Vehicles has prepared an online version of the Kansas Driver's License Handbook to help you prepare for your license. It is required reading for those taking driver's education classes and for renewal testing. There is a wealth of driver information included in the handbook, including:

    • Basic road rules
    • Road, street and highway speed limits
    • Various road signs, lighted signals, and markings
    • Making turns, passing other vehicles, following, and stopping
    • Handling your vehicle in the rain
    • How to drive at night
    • Tips for driving in winter
    • Effects of drugs and alcohol on driving skills
    • Sign shapes primer
    • Road construction and maintenance signs
    • Speed, impact and braking distance
    • Defensive driving

    Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual

    Planning to get a motorcycle license so you can head out on the highway on your two-wheeler? Here's what you'll find in the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual:

    • Choosing the right gear
    • Know your motorcycle
    • Basic motorcycle control
    • How to maintain your distance
    • Maneuvering through intersections
    • Passing, turning, following and stopping
    • How to increase your visibility
    • Accident avoidance
    • How to carry passengers and cargo
    • Handing mechanical problems
    • Avoiding flying objects
    • Group riding safety
    • Being in shape to ride

    Kansas Commercial Driver's License Manual

    If you are in commercial driving school you will want to pick up a copy of the Kansas Commercial Driver's License Manual as soon as you get registered. It will help you with the testing you'll undergo when you apply for your CDL and can help answer your questions about commercial driving. Here are a few of the sections in the Commercial Driver Handbook and the Study Material, "S" Endorsement for school bus driver applicants:

    • Driving safely
    • Seeing and communicating
    • Driving at night
    • Managing space
    • Driving in winter
    • Emergencies, fires, accidents
    • Mountain driving
    • Skid control and recovery
    • Hazmat rules for all drivers
    • Driving in very hot weather
    • Inspecting and transporting cargo
    • Weight and balance
    • Transporting passengers
    • Air brake usage
    • Combination vehicles
    • Doubles and triples
    • Coupling and uncoupling
    • Tank vehicle safety
    • Hazardous materials rules
    • School bus driver training

    All of the driver license manuals are full of helpful information. It is suggested that you review them every few years, just to refresh your knowledge of new laws and the rules and regulations concerning drivers, driving, and driver safety; and for information specific to commercial drivers, school bus drivers, motorcyclists and anyone else using Kansas highways.

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