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  • Driver Handbook in Kansas

    SUMMARY: Kansas Driver Handbook

    The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) offers various publications including the KS driving handbook, commercial driver license handbook, and motorcycle operator manual. If you’re interested in traffic laws, view the Vehicle Code.

    Continue reading this page to find links to and information on the driver manuals offered in Kansas.

    Kansas Driving Handbook

    The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) provides the Kansas Driving Handbook to help you learn how to safely operate a vehicle. If you’re attending driver's education or need to take the driver’s license exam, you’ll find the manual very beneficial.

    Subjects include:

    • Basic road rules.
    • Road, street and highway speed limits.
    • Road signs, signals, and markings.
    • Making turns, passing other vehicles, following, and stopping.
    • Handling your vehicle at night, in winter, or in the rain.
    • Effects of drugs and alcohol on driving skills.
    • Road construction and maintenance signs.
    • Speed, impact, and braking distance.
    • Defensive driving.
    Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

    An ideal complement to studying the Kansas Driver Handbook is preparing for the written exam with an online practice test. These study guides have been created to help you pass the test on your first try. Our certified partner offers multiple practice tests for most types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

    Commercial Driver’s License Manual

    NOTE: The Kansas DOR recently updated the commercial driver’s license (CDL) manual. For more information and to have the updated handbook e-mailed to you, visit the KS DOR website.

    The Commercial Driver’s License Handbook will help you pass your commercial driving exam and become a safer driver. Topics covered include:

    • Driving safely (skid control, hot weather, night driving, maneuvering mountains, winter driving, etc.).
    • Emergencies, fires, and accidents.
    • Hazmat rules for all drivers.
    • Transporting cargo and passengers.
    • Air brake usage.
    • Combination vehicles.
    • School bus driver training.

    You can also take an online CDL practice test for additional preparation before your exams.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual in KS

    The Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual can help you prepare for your motorcycle license tests. Here's what you'll find in the manual:

    • How to apply for a KS motorcycle license.
    • Basic motorcycle control.
    • Passing, turning, following, and stopping.
    • How to carry passengers and cargo.
    • Mechanical problems.
    • How to avoid flying objects.
    • How to ride safely in a group.

    Within the manual are some sample questions so you know what to expect on the KS DOR written exam. For additional study questions, you can take an online practice test.

    Publications for Vehicle Dealers

    The Kansas DOR also provides a handbook for vehicle dealers, as well as other materials. Visit the Kansas DOR website for a complete list.

    Kansas Vehicle Code

    Within the Kansas Motor Vehicle Code, the Kansas Legislature provides specific details about traffic laws, registration/titling procedures, and driver’s licensing requirements.

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