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  • Types Of Commercial Vehicles To Insure

    Types Of Commercial Vehicles To Insure

    A commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle used for business or commercial purposes.

    If you own a business that uses a vehicle or number of vehicles for commercial purposes, insure those vehicles with a commercial auto insurance policy. Insuring commercial vehicles can be more costly than purchasing personal auto insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance requirements vary by state, but meeting your state's liability requirements―at the very least―protects you, your employees, and your business.

    Commonly Insured Commercial Vehicles

    Commonly insured commercial trucks and vehicles include the following:

    • Passenger car.
    • Passenger bus.
    • Mini van.
    • Agricultural truck.
    • Box or straight truck.
    • Cargo van.
    • Car carrier.
    • Flatbed truck.
    • Catering truck.
    • Cement mixer.
    • Delivery van.
    • Hearse.
    • Ice cream truck.
    • Passenger van.
    • Motor home.
    • Limousine.
    • Pickup truck.
    • Fifth wheel truck.
    • Sport utility vehicle.
    • Pump truck.
    • Step van.
    • Tank truck.
    • Trunk tractor.
    • Tow truck.
    • Refrigerated truck.
    • Wheelchair bus.
    • Wheelchair van.

    Additional commercial vehicles you might want to insure include front loaders, garbage trucks, and roll-on vehicles; however some insurance companies only offer physical damage coverage for these vehicles. For this reason, be sure to inquire about the type and amount of coverage available for all vehicles, prior to purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy.

    Commercial Insurance Rates

    Your commercial insurance rate depends on several factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

    • The age and personal driving record of all drivers.
    • The license type of all drivers.
    • Vehicle make and model.
    • Type of cargo the vehicle carries.
    • Number of passengers the vehicle transports.
    • Annual mileage.

    In order to obtain an insurance quote, you must provide this information for your insurance agent. After all this information is accounted for, the insurance agent will assess the risk involved in covering your commercial vehicle, and then present you with an according commercial vehicle insurance quote.

    Commercial Insurance Quotes

    You can obtain a commercial insurance quote online or by contacting the Insurance Department in your state.

    If you have a pre-existing personal auto insurance policy, contact your current car insurance provider regarding potential discounts for commercial insurance, as many providers offer multi-policy discounts.

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