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  • Types Of Commercial Trailers To Insure

    Types Of Commercial Trailers To Insure

    If you own a business that uses a commercial trailer for business purposes, insure it with a commercial auto insurance policy.

    As is the case with liability coverage for regular passenger vehicles, trailer insurance requirements vary by state; however, know that some commonly insured commercial trailers include the following:

    • Travel trailer.
    • Utility trailer.
    • Concession trailer.
    • Auto hauler.
    • Horse trailer.
    • Livestock trailer.
    • Bottom up or side dump trailer.
    • Day freight trailer.
    • Refrigerated dry freight trailer.
    • Tank trailer.
    • Dump body trailer or transfer box.
    • Gooseneck trailer.
    • Logging trailer.
    • Lowboy trailer.
    • Pole trailer.
    • Tilt trailer.
    • Flatbed trailer.
    • Bulk commodity trailer.
    • Semi trailer.

    Commercial Trailer Insurance Rates

    Because commercial insurance typically offers more coverage than your personal car insurance policy, it is also more costly than a personal insurance policy. That said, having an established commercial auto insurance policy is vital to protecting your business from financial hardship in the event of an auto accident.

    You commercial auto insurance rate depends on several factors, to include:

    • The trailer’s make and model.
    • The types of material the trailer carries.
    • Annual mileage.
    • Trailer location and destinations.
    • Drivers’ ages and personal driving records.
    • Drivers license types.

    Commercial Trailer Insurance Discounts

    The discounts provided for commercial insurance policies vary by company, but many insurance companies offer a discounted rate for:

    • Hiring drivers older than 25.
    • Hiring drivers with valid CDLs.
    • Insuring a trailer with a reliable make and model.
    • Driving in areas considered safe or with low crime rates.

    Also, if you have a preexisting personal auto insurance policy, you might be eligible for a multi-policy discount if you insure your commercial vehicle with the same provider.

    Commercial Trailer Insurance Quotes

    You can obtain commercial trailer insurance quotes online or by contacting the Insurance Department in your state.

    You can also talk to other business and commercial trailer owners―particularly owners who have been involved in an accident―for first hand experiences with potential providers.

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