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  • Tips On Documenting Personal Injury Expenses

    Recouping medical bill expenses from personal injuries sustained in car accidents involves filing accident claims. To support your claim, you should maintain meticulous files on all medical-related correspondence throughout the claim process.

    Documenting Tips for Personal Injury Car Accident Claim

    Tips On Documenting Personal Injury Expenses

    If you're injured in a car accident try to provide―if your health allows―the following documentation:

    • Snap photos of your car's damage. Don't limit it to one or two shots. Take several pictures from every angle, making sure to snap close-ups and long distance shots.
    • Take pictures of the accident location, making sure to include stop signs and traffic lights, if applicable.
    • Snap shots of your injuries. Also, include recent photos of yourself snapped before the injuries occurred.
    • Keep a journal about your injuries and medical attention. Be precise about everything, including the daily extent of your pain. Even the smallest of points is significant information.
    • File every form of correspondence with every involved medical person relating to your injury. This includes E-mails.
    • Save all of your medical-related receipts. This includes prescriptions, special equipment (crutches, walkers, canes), special foods, and co-payments.
    • Keep track of travel expenses for medical appointments.
    • Maintain precise documentation on how much income you've lost due to your injuries.

    Other Accident Claim Advice

    Don't be eager to settle. The claims adjuster you'll be dealing with will want immediate resolution. Don't fall for the temptation of a fast check. Otherwise, you'll have no recourse if, say, two months later you begin experiencing residual pain from your car accident injuries.

    Before agreeing to a personal injury settlement, be sure you're fully healed and certain of no lingering pain or impairment.

    If you're overwhelmed by the entire process, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you. They understand the laws and the accident injury claims process, allowing them to use their experience towards your advantage. A good lawyer can even help you further when it comes to documenting personal injury expenses. This way you can focus on healing rather than negotiating.

    Additional Insurance Information

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