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  • Personal Injury Protection For Commercial Drivers

    When you're driving a commercial vehicle as part of your job, you may be injured in an auto accident―and not all of the medical-related expenses you incur may be covered by your health insurance policy.

    So, what are your options then? Raid your savings? Empty your checking account?

    Not yet. Maybe there's a better option.

    What's Commercial Personal Injury Protection?

    Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance covers many of these out-of-pockets expenses that aren't commonly paid for by your health care plan, including:

    • Deductibles.
    • Co-payments.
    • Dental care.
    • Psychiatric visits.
    • Home-nurse care.
    • Funeral costs.
    • Child care.
    • Lost wages.

    PIP insurance works no matter who caused the accident. It's commonly found in no-fault insurance states (those that require PIP as part of their liability insurance requirements), and is similar to medical payments insurance.

    Do You Need PIP Insurance?

    That depends.

    Commercial drivers are at higher risk for being in auto accident that causes bodily injuries simply because their work forces them to be exposed more frequently to this danger. However, your employer's insurance policy may protect you, which makes having this coverage unnecessary.

    If that's not the case, you should consider this PIP, as it can be a useful supplement to your health insurance policy. And, in some states, you must have this coverage. Keep in mind your home auto PIP coverage probably won't apply to injuries sustained while on the job.

    If you're not required to have it and you don't mind paying for assorted medical expenses out of your savings that aren't covered by your health insurance policy, you can skip this protection.

    If you're an employer, you can purchase PIP coverage to financially safeguard your workers who use your commercial vehicles to perform their jobs.

    Is PIP Coverage Expensive?

    As commercial auto insurance rates go, PIP offers relatively affordable coverage.

    That's partly because most policies don't have high limits, which means carriers don't usually have to pay out large amounts of money to protect their insured drivers.

    Again, remember PIP coverage shouldn't replace your health insurance―just complement it.

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