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  • Lost Wages

    Lost Wages

    If you're involved in a car accident and lose time at work due to injuries, you may have the option to file to file an insurance claim for lost wages. The process is similar to an accident claim only instead of filing for damage compensation you're filing for salary compensation.

    Needed Documents for Lost Wages Claim Following a Car Accident

    When filing, you will need medical proof of your injuries and documentation of lost income.

    Medical Proof for Lost Income

    You will need to allow the insurance company access to the medical report detailing the injuries you suffered from the car accident. The insurance company will, in most cases, send you an official authorization form. By signing it you will give the insurance company permission to access your medical report and all other pertinent information like doctor's notes, prescriptions, and bills for treatment.

    Read carefully. Some authorization forms may be worded so as to grant access to your complete medical history. If you agree, regardless if it was intentional or unintentional, you'll then be giving insurance representatives full access to past medical records, which, in some situations, may be used against you in limiting your settlement amount. In situations such as these, you may want to hire an experienced accident claims attorney to help with your case (see below).

    Proof of Lost Wages

    You will need to obtain a letter, on company letterhead, from your boss or manager verifying you missed work due to injuries. This becomes slightly more complicated if say you're an independent contractor or are self-employed or work in the performing arts. In such situations you may instead be asked to provide access to your tax returns.

    Hire an Attorney for Accident Claims

    You will be dealing with the insurance company's claims adjuster who will be trying his or her best to limit the amount of money paid to you. Don't take it personal; it's what they've been hired to do. Claims adjustors are extremely experienced in handling accident claim cases, giving them a decided advantage, especially if this is this the first time you've filed a claim for lost wages.

    If you feel you're being pressured to accept a fast settlement claim, or find that your claim has been rejected by the insurance company, or even if you don't understand what you've been asked to sign, it may be in your best interest to hire a car accident attorney. These lawyers understand auto insurance laws, and will use their experience to help you obtain fair compensation for your lost wages.