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  • How To Choose A Motorcycle Insurance Provider

    How To Choose A Motorcycle Insurance Provider

    When it comes to motorcycle insurance, you have two basic choices: An auto insurance company that also sells motorbike insurance coverage, or a motorcycle-only insurance provider.

    But, beyond these options, you should examine several important considerations that apply to all types of companies that provide motorcycle coverage.

    Auto Insurer vs. Motorcycle-Only Insurer

    You can opt for an auto insurance provider that also insures motorcyclists, or you can pick a carrier that specializes in motorcycle insurance.

    The advantage of doing the latter is the provider can offer coverage types tailored to your needs as a motorcycle rider, such as for safety apparel (helmets, gloves, jackets, etc.), after-market accessories, side cars, and specialized motorcycle roadside assistance/towing programs.

    However, some car insurance carriers provide the same level of customized motorcycle coverage. So, you then to need to consider other factors, as described below.

    General Motorcycle Insurance Provider Guidelines

    Sure, price is important. With so much competition in the motorcycle insurance market, it's silly to overpay for coverage.

    But, the cost of your motorcycle insurance rates should only be a starting point when determining the right provider for your situation.

    You should also evaluate other matters, such as:

    • Longevity: It's generally safer to go with an insurer with a long track record.
    • Financial stability: Choose a carrier with solid insurance ratings; you can learn about an insurer's credit ratings at a local library or through your state insurance department.
    • Broadness of coverage: Pick an insurer that offers excellent motorbike insurance coverage. It's tedious to compare the finer points of coverage, but doing so can now can save you a considerable amount of money when it comes time to use them. Don't hesitate to pay a little more for better coverage.
    • Ease of handling claims: Do some preliminary work and find out how to initiate a claim (online, by phone, etc.) and how the company will respond to your claim notification.
    • Fairness in handling claims: Check your family, friends, and colleagues to discover any claims experience with a particular carrier. Evaluate a company's complaint record with the Better Business Bureau or the state insurance department. Visit online insurance forums and see what other have to say. Try to form a composite look at how fairly (and quickly) a carrier takes care of claims.
    • Customer service: Attempt to get a feel for how easy it is to reach a company by phone or online. If it takes a while to reach a representative now, what makes you think it will be any different when you become a customer?
    • Agents: Traditional insurance companies typically have insurance agents with offices nearby, and you can stop by or call whenever necessary. However, many newer carriers have opted to do away with agents. So, keep this in mind if personalized attention matters to you.
    • Accident forgiveness: See if an insurer offers such a program; if so, learn the details.
    • Discounts: Some insurers provide multiple opportunities to trim premiums. Taking advantage of these discounts can be a great way to save money year-round.

    Shopping for Motorcycle Insurance: Doing Your Homework

    Evaluating your motorbike insurance options can take a while, and won't be much fun.

    But, this is a serious matter. Choosing poorly now can create financial chaos for you later, along with unnecessary frustration and stress. So, take your time when considering a motorcycle insurance company, and don't be afraid to reach out for guidance.

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