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  • Comprehensive Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

    Having comprehensive coverage for commercial vehicles usually isn't a state requirement, but it's still smart to have it. This is especially true if your business owns a number of vehicles.

    What Commercial Comprehensive Insurance Covers

    Comprehensive Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

    Just like personal comprehensive coverage, this type of commercial auto insurance pays for damages your vehicles incur from non-accident occurrences, such as:

    • Fire
    • Hail
    • Flood
    • Windstorm
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Collisions with animals

    This isn't a complete list, but does highlight the main focus points of comprehensive coverage.

    What Commercial Comprehensive Insurance Doesn't Cover

    Keep in mind commercial comprehensive coverage doesn't pay for damages your vehicles inflict on others. That's the job of property damage and bodily liability insurance.

    And, it won't pay to repair your vehicles following an auto accident your company caused; that's for collision coverage.

    Do You Need Commercial Comprehensive Coverage?

    Comprehensive coverage is almost a necessity in areas with frequent strong storms, but its breadth of coverage makes it wise to have no matter where your business is located.

    Of course, it's an individual matter. If your company owns few vehicles and can easily absorb expenses associated with theft, weather damage, and related issues, you might not need it. That's particularly so with an older group of vehicles as any claims payout won't go very far.

    If you're an independent contractor who uses your vehicles partly or mostly for business purposes (such as to go on sales calls, deliver pizzas, or transport passengers), see if you're covered by the company's commercial auto policy. If not, consult with your car insurance carrier to see if your personal comprehensive insurance covers your business activities. Be prepared to buy commercial insurance, though, as in many cases an insurer won't allow this dual protection.

    If you find your current carrier doesn't allow dual protection or doesn't offer commercial insurance at a rate you can afford―but you still need commercial coverage―shop around and compare rates with other car insurance providers to see if you can get a better deal.

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