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  • Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes

    Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes

    Would you blindly purchase a personal auto insurance policy without taking some time to see if the rates are reasonable?

    Of course not.

    So, why not put the same effort into buying a commercial auto insurance policy?

    Tips for Obtaining Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes

    Whether you're simply insuring your one-person business or a company with dozens or hundreds of commercial drivers and commercial vehicles and trucks, you can save a substantial amount on your auto insurance―if you're willing to comparison shop.

    Just like with personal policies, you can easily find the most affordable commercial coverages online. Some quote sites offer the convenience of comparing quotes from multiple providers at a glance.

    However, you can visit the sites of individual insurers for a quick quote, too. This can be a good idea for those carriers whose rates aren't listed on independent quote sites―such as some smaller, commercial-only insurance companies.

    Once you get a feel for the best rates, follow up with the carriers for details on their coverages. Insurers with the cheapest premiums may only provide protection that's inadequate and comes with truckloads of exclusions. Purchasing your commercial insurance through them could ultimately be a costly decision.

    Do you have an independent insurance agent for business purposes? If so, put your agent to work to shop around for you. Keep in mind, though, your agent won't be authorized to sell insurance for every carrier. Thus, your best policy option may not be available.

    Ask About Commercial Auto Insurance Discounts

    One of the best money saving tips you can follow is to ask about commercial auto insurance discounts.

    Most insurers covet commercial business, as it often results in large policies with fat premiums.

    So, to entice you, many offer special commercial discounts, such as:

    • Multiple-policy.
    • Experienced business.
    • Experienced commercial driver.

    Each of these discounts can reduce your premiums by a good deal; that means a considerable savings for companies with with big commercial insurance needs. Call the carriers directly to see what discounts your business might qualify for, or see if they're listed online.

    And, you can trim your premiums further by choosing high deductibles or paying your insurance annually.

    In short, the commercial insurance savings are there for your company―it's just a matter of acting like a smart business owner and finding them.

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