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  • Box Truck Insurance

    Box Truck Insurance

    Box truck insurance will protect you whether you transport cargo as a public or privately owned entity.

    Insurance for Truckers and CDL Drivers

    Various public and private carriers that require drivers to get box truck insurance include:

    • Expeditors
    • Courier
    • Retail
    • Moving companies

    Sufficient insurance is required on your box truck if you transport cargo for another firm (e.g. contract truck driver). Box truck insurance coverage is also required if you own your own truck and transport your own cargo.

    Box truck types, also referred to as straight trucks, are:

    • Ice box
    • Moving truck
    • Reefer
    • Sleeper
    • Cargo cutaway
    • Tilt cab

    State laws require commercial drivers to have minimum amounts of liability coverage on their box trucks. These guidelines and regulations are listed on most state division of motor vehicles (DMV) or department of transportation (DOT) websites.

    Failure to maintain sufficient insurance levels could cause you to lose your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Keep in mind that state minimum levels are generally low. Because your insurance company will only cover you for the amount of insurance that you have written into your insurance policy you will likely want to get more coverage than what is mandated by state law.

    Talk with your insurance agent to discover how much insurance would be best suited for the type of business that you perform using your box truck.

    Box Truck Coverage Types

    Types of insurance that you can get on your box truck include:

    • General liability
    • Primary truck liability
    • Motor truck cargo
    • Truck physical damage coverage
    • Occupational accident
    • Non-trucking liability
    • Umbrella liability

    General liability insurance includes bodily injury and property damage coverage. Physical damage coverage will cover expenses related to the theft, loss, or damage of your box truck. Your truck will also be covered in the event that it is vandalized or destroyed due to a fire.

    If you are not on dispatch or pulling a loaded trailer and your box truck causes damages to another person, their vehicle, or property, non-trucking liability insurance will offer you protection. For example, if you scrape a car when you back out of a shopping center parking lot while you are "off the clock," non-trucking insurance will cover the cost of the damages.

    Cargo insurance protects the goods that you transport. Should the cargo that you carry suffer damages due to a fire, theft, or natural disaster the insurance company will pay you the cost of the damages. Your insurance company would also reimburse you for the costs of lost goods if your cargo is stolen.

    As with all insurance types, the amount of coverage that truckers and CDL drivers would receive depends on the auto insurance limit set in each box truck insurance policy. Speak with an authorized insurance agent to make sure that you have sufficient box truck coverage (at reasonable rates) to meet your trucking needs.

    Additional Kinds of Insurance

    If your box truck is financed or under loan you might consider getting gap insurance coverage on the truck in addition to more general forms of commercial auto insurance.

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