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  • Auto Insurance Exclusion

    An auto insurance exclusion can be written into your car insurance policy upon your request. The car insurance company that covers your car or truck can also write an exclusion clause into your automobile policy.

    Car Insurance Policy Exclusions

    Auto Insurance Exclusion

    State insurance laws mandate which exclusions can be offered to drivers in their jurisdictions. Generally, auto insurance exclusion types that are available for consumers to write into their policy include:

    • Driver Exclusions: This exclusion states that a specific person who has access to your motor vehicle is not covered under your car insurance policy. For example, if you did not want your teenager covered on your car insurance policy you could ask your insurance company to write this exclusion into your policy.
    • Overlapping Insurance Policies: Should you have car insurance coverage through multiple companies, each auto insurance company will likely write an exclusion in your policy that states that type or/and amount of insurance they will cover for you.
    • Bodily Injury: Some insurance companies will not cover you if you are involved in an auto accident while using your car or truck to carry passengers or materials for compensation.
    • Employees: If you are a business owner you might have an exclusion written into your car insurance policy that states the insurance company will not reimburse you for damages made to an employee who operates your motor vehicle.
    • Collision Coverage: Drag racing is another auto exclusion that your car insurance company might write into your policy. In this case, your car insurance company would not cover you if you are injured while drag racing.

    Auto insurance accidents that you cause on purpose are generally considered to be exclusions. Make sure that you read through your car insurance policy thoroughly. This will help you to understand the exclusions that apply to your coverage.

    Shopping for Auto Insurance

    If you are shopping for auto insurance, ask the agent that you speak with to tell you about general exclusions that the company writes in policies. Also ask the agent about additional exclusions that you can request the auto insurance company write into your particular policy.

    Price compare premium prices across several insurance companies. This will help you to increase your chances of securing the policy that meets your and your family’s needs at reasonable rates.