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  • Voter Registration in Indiana

    Voter Registration in Indiana

    If you want a say in how your local, state, and federal government is managed, you need to register to vote in Indiana. Read below to find out how.

    Voter Eligibility in Indiana

    You’re eligible to vote in Indiana if:

    • You’re a U.S. citizen.
    • You’re a resident of Indiana.
    • You’re at least 18 years old (or will be by the date of the election).
    • You’ve resided in the precinct for at least 30 days prior to the election date.
    • You’re not imprisoned for a criminal conviction.

    Register to Vote in Indiana

    You can register to vote online, in person, or by mail.


    To register online, visit the state’s Online Voter Registration page. Be prepared to:

    • Verify your voter eligibility.
    • Provide information such as your IN driver’s license or state identification card number.
    • Verify all information you’ve entered and confirm the application.

    In Person or By Mail

    To register in person or by mail:

    Alternatively, you can apply through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Simply visit your local BMV license branch to register.

    Once received, your county’s voter registration office will review your registration application and determine whether you’re eligible. If you are, you’ll receive your voter registration acknowledgement card by mail.

    If you don’t receive your card within 30 days, contact the county voter registration office.

    Want to check your voter registration or polling location? You can do so online or by phone at (866) IN-1-VOTE.

    ID Requirements for Voting in IN

    Once you receive your voter registration acknowledgement card and head to the polls, you must present photo identification to vote.

    In addition to your photo, your form of ID must:

    • Show your name as it is listed in the voter registry.
      • For example, it won’t work if you registered to vote as “Joe Smith” and your ID reads “Joseph R. Smith.”
    • Be current (not expired) OR expired AFTER the date of the last General Election.
    • Be issued by the federal or Indiana state government.

    Valid IN driver’s licenses and identification cards, as well as U.S. passports, are good examples of accepted IDs.

    Military & Out-of-State Voter Registration

    Indiana makes it easy for military, overseas, and out-of-state residents (such as college students) to register to vote.

    Military and Overseas Voters

    If you are a military member or dependent stationed out of the state, or you’re an IN resident currently overseas, you can use the Federal Post Card Application (form 76). This form serves as a temporary registration as well as a request for an absentee ballot.

    You can complete the FPCA:

    NOTE: Indiana provides a detailed Military and Overseas Voters’ Guide to help with completing registration and absentee application forms.

    Late Registration for Military Members

    Generally, residents must register no later than 29 days before the election. This means mail-in registrations must be postmarked 29 days before the election (see below).

    However, military members and their dependents can register as late as 10 days before the election; some members can even register by 12 p.m. on the day of election. (Call your county voter registration office to find out if you’re eligible.)

    Out-of-State IN Residents

    If you’re currently out-of-state (for example, to attend college), you can register to vote in Indiana by mail. See “Register to Vote in IN” above to learn how.

    IN Voter Registration Deadlines

    Unless you’re a member of the military or a military member dependent (see above), you must register to vote no later than 29 days before the Primary or General Election.

    If you’re registering by mail, your application must be postmarked 29 days before the election date.

    This applies to registered voters applying to change their names, addresses, or precincts, too (see below).

    Change Your Name, Address, or Precinct

    You can change your name, address, or voting precinct by completing the Voter Registration Application (Form VRG-7) again with your new information, and delivering it to your county voter registration office (this means the office in your new county, if you’ve moved), or mailing it to the office’s address as it is listed on the form.

    Replacing an IN Voter Registration Card

    Report your lost Indiana voter registration card to your county voter registration office.

    An agent will instruct you on whether to expect a new card by mail, or to apply for voter registration again.

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