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    IN Manuals

    They may be big.

    They may be boring.

    But they contain lots of information that you'll need to in order get your license. And, they have lots of updated information for veteran drivers, too.

    Of course, we're referring to the manuals or handbooks that cover passenger, commercial and motorcycle driving in Indiana.

    You can obtain hard copies of these manuals at your nearest Bureau of Motor Vehicles's license agency. And you can also download them onto your computer, as well.

    The manuals are available online in .pdf format. To view, download and print .pdf documents, you'll need to have Adobe Reader, which is free of charge. Once it has been installed, you can download the manuals.

    We discuss the driver manuals in a little more detail in our DMV Handbook and Motorcycle Manual sections. However, if you'd like to go directly to the manuals, just click on the links below.

    There are also other CDL-related (commercial driver's license) handbooks and manuals available.

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