Lost Traffic Ticket in Indiana

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Indiana Traffic Ticket Information

If you recently lost your Indiana traffic ticket, you may be able to search online for your lost ticket information. To find your ticket, be prepared to enter your IN driver's license number, or name and birth date. Otherwise, contact the appropriate IN traffic court by phone or in person.

The Indiana BMV is not the place to look for information on a lost traffic ticket. Below you'll find information you'll need to find a lost ticket for a traffic violation. This type of ticket can include a red light ticket, a speeding ticket, and any other offense considered a moving violation. In certain circumstances, some of the information provided will also address a lost parking ticket, but please check with your court for verification.

Indiana doesn't offer a typical online lost traffic ticket search for you to find your traffic citation; however, if you committed your violation in a county that uses the Odyssey Case Management System, you might be able to find information for your lost IN ticket. It isn't too likely, though, considering the system requires some specific information like case and citation numbers.

Determine Where You Got Your IN Traffic Ticket

If you can't find your traffic ticket, you will not be able to just call the BMV to learn about your lost ticket and/or traffic violation. Most drivers will need to contact the appropriate court to retrieve lost Indiana traffic ticket information.

You can skip down to “Visit the Indiana County Court Website" if you know where you received your traffic citation.

If you can't find your traffic ticket origin, though, Indiana's county clerks recommend a process of elimination: Give it a best guess, and then begin contacting courts in each county until you find the one that has your IN traffic ticket on file.

Visit the Indiana County Court Website

Once you know which court is in charge of your IN traffic ticket (or, at least know which court you want to start with), visit the Judicial Branch of Indiana website and:

  • Check for the “Courts & Clerks Offices" option at the top.
  • Look at the drop-down box that appears and choose the county in which you received your traffic citation (or think you did).
  • Once on the state's county page, look for the court clerk's phone number or the option to visit the county's website.

Most Indiana traffic courts can look up drivers' information with just their last names; however, be prepared to provide other identifying information like your birth date or address.

Once the clerk finds your Indiana traffic ticket, make sure you ask about and write down:

  • The traffic citation number (and any other identifying numbers).
  • The traffic ticket fine.
  • The date by which you must respond.
  • Whether you must appear in court, or if you can pay your traffic ticket online, over the phone, or by mail.

Decide How You'll Plead To Your IN Ticket

You can plead to your IN traffic ticket in one of the following ways:

  • "Guilty" or "no contest."
  • "Not guilty."

The exact steps involved with each vary by driver, traffic violation, and county, but in general if you:

  • Plead "guilty" or "no contest," you'll accumulate driving record points and possibly higher insurance rates, but can usually pay your traffic ticket online, over the phone, or by mail.
  • Plead "not guilty," you'll fight the traffic ticket in court and receive no penalties if you win, but have to pay everything (including possible attorney fees) and deal with penalties if you lose.

Unless the moving violation involves a serious crime or pushes your points over the limit to license suspension, pleading "guilty" or "nolo contendere" usually means paying the traffic ticket fine and closing the case; however, if you plead "not guilty," you have to fight your IN traffic ticket in court.

Once you've found your lost ticket, visit Paying Your Indiana Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Indiana Traffic Ticket for more information.

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