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  • Driver Handbook in Indiana

    The aptly-named Indiana Driver Manual and Indiana Commercial Driver Test Booklet both contain information that you'll need to pass the written test for your operator and commercial licenses, respectively.

    They also contain useful information for veteran drivers who already have their licenses.

    Indiana Driver License Manual

    The Driver License Manual is divided into chapters dealing with the steps to obtain your license, vehicle titling and registration, traffic signs, safe vehicle operation and traffic laws, emergency situations, driver license suspension and revocation, as well as tips for mature drivers. Sample test questions are also provided.

    Again, there is more information included in the manual than just help for first-time drivers. You'll also find useful tips about:

    • Child passenger restraint systems
    • Sharing the road with trucks and slow-moving vehicles
    • Cell phone safety
    • Safe following distance
    • How to detect an impaired driver
    • State identification cards
    • What to do if you have a tire blowout
    • How to complete a written accident report
    • Difficult weather situations
    • Many other topics

    You may pick up a copy of the manual at any license agency. You may also download a copy.

    If you plan to operate a motorcycle in Indiana, then the Motorcycle Manual is for you.

    Remember, it's your responsibility as a motorist to keep up to date on Indiana traffic laws and procedures, and to make yourself as safe a driver as you can possibly be.

    Commercial Driver Test Booklet

    The Indiana CDL Manual is divided into sections: skills (road) testing and knowledge (written) testing. In the former category, you'll find information about the vehicle inspection test, the basic control skills test and the road test. Safety rules, memory aids, testing procedures and scoring standards are also some of the topics discussed here.

    In the latter category, you'll find chapters on transporting passengers, air brakes, combination vehicles, doubles and triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials and school buses. You'll also find helpful direction on how to obtain your commercial driver license (CDL).

    You may also pick up a copy of the Commercial Driver Test Booklet at any license agency.

    There are also several additional CDL-related handbooks and manuals available for downloading at the Indiana Motor Carriers Service site. They cover areas such as intrastate motor carriers, and penalties and disqualifications.

    Motorcycle Manual

    The BMV provides a downloadable Motorcycle Operator's Manual for bikers who need to apply for their first endorsement, or simply refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road.

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