Paperwork When Buying a Car in Indiana

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Paperwork When Buying a Car in Indiana

When buying a car in Indiana, you will have some paperwork to complete so that you can title and register the car in your name.

If you're buying a car from a vehicle dealer, they'll complete the paperwork on your behalf. However, if you're buying a car from a private seller, you'll be responsible for the paperwork required by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

Paperwork for Indiana Car Buyers

When you buy a car from a private seller in IN, the seller should sign the Vehicle Title, then give it to you.

You'll then need to go to a license branch to transfer the title into your name and register the car. Be sure to take:

  • The signed vehicle title.
  • The bill of sale from the seller OR a receipt for your purchase, showing how much you paid for it.
  • Proof of car insurance for the vehicle.
  • Verification of your Social Security number.

You must title the car within 31 days of taking ownership.

Dealer Purchases

When you purchase a new or used car through a dealership, they will complete all the paperwork and submit it to the BMV for you.

Buying a Car Without a Title

The seller should give you the title when you purchase the car. If the seller does not have it, think twice about buying the car. Ask the seller where the title is and if they can get it for you; they may need to request a duplicate title.

If you still want to buy the car, the seller must give you an affidavit stating that he or she will give you the title for the vehicle within 21 days of the date of sale.

If 21 days pass and there's still no title, write to the seller and ask them to give it to you, reminding them of the affidavit. The seller then has another 10 days to produce the title.

If the seller still doesn't respond, then you may return the vehicle as long as the car is in about the same condition. The seller must then refund your money, including your insurance, taxes, and finance expenses.

Bill of Sale

The Bill of Sale is an important document to have in your possession. It serves as your proof of purchase and acts almost as a backup title. If you have difficulty finding a copy, you can download a version of our Bill of Sale in a matter of seconds.

The bill of sale should contain the purchase price of the car, the date your bought it, and a description of the vehicle that includes its year, make, model, and color.

Vehicle History Report

A report on a vehicle's past accidents and damage can be a valuable tool when considering a car to buy. Not only can you avoid problem cars or misleading sellers, you can also confirm the odometer reading.

A Vehicle History Report is based on a car's unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), ensuring that you'll get the car's complete history, even if the seller doesn't know it.

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