Dealer Licensing in Indiana

In Indiana, If you sell 12 vehicles or more a year―new or used―you'll need to have a dealer license.

Obtaining Your Indiana Dealer License

Provide the state's Dealer Division with:

  • A completed Application for Vehicle or Watercraft Dealer Business License (Form 13215).
  • A Registered Retail Merchant Certificate.
  • A $25,000 surety bond.
  • Insurance.
  • Zoning approval (this will be completed by your local Zoning Board on the bottom of your Dealer License application).
  • Photos of building, lot, sign, and hours.
  • A Franchise Agreement (only required if "new" is marked on your Dealer License application).
  • A copy of either your Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization from the Secretary of State's Business Services Division.
  • Your federal ID number with IRS documentation.
  • The Social Security numbers of every owner/partner listed on the application.
  • A National Criminal History Background Check.

Send all documents to:

    Office of the Indiana Secretary of State

    Auto Dealer Services Division

    302 W. Washington St. Room E-018.

    Room E-018

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dealer Requirements

Your business must:

  • Be open to the public for at least 30 hours every week during normal business hours.
  • Be well-lighted when open.
  • Be on its own, meaning it can't have another business under its roof unless that business is closely tied to selling vehicles. Even if it is, the proceeds from it cannot be more than 50% of the gross income of your primary business.
  • Contain a minimum of 1,300 square feet.
  • Be able to house at least 10 vehicles of the type that you're licensed to sell.
  • Have adequate space for customer parking.
  • Have display and customer parking areas that are adequately surfaced.
  • Meet all local zoning requirements.

Also, you'll need to have an office that:

  • Is at least 100 sq ft in area.
  • Has at least standard office
  • Has at least basic utilities.
  • Has a permanent, obvious sign that identifies the dealership under the name in which you were granted the license, and also includes the hours you're open for business.

Contact Information

Questions? Contact the state's Dealer Division at (317) 234-7190.

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