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  • Replacing a Lost License in Illinois

    How to Get a Duplicate License in Illinois

    To replace your Illinois driver's license:

    • Visit an Illinois SOS office.
    • Provide proof of your signature, birth date, SSN, and residency.
    • Pay the $5 duplicate driver's license fee.
    • Please continue reading for details.

    Report Your Lost or Stolen Illinois License

    The Illinois Secretary of State (SOS), Driver Services Department (DSD) advises anyone who loses a driver's license, permit, or ID or has one stolen to immediately contact their local police department and report it. This is the first step. Reporting your lost or stolen license will help protect you against identity theft.

    As an added benefit, the SOS will waive your replacement license fee if you present your police report when you apply for your duplicate.

    Replacement IL Driver's License & Fees

    The IL SOS requires residents who need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged driver's license, permit, or ID to apply in person at a local DSD Office .

    When you apply, you must:

    • Pay the applicable fee (see below).
    • Provide appropriate identification*, including proof of:
      • Signature.
      • Date of birth.
      • Social Security number.
      • Residency.

    * The IL SOS provides a list of additional forms of acceptable identification.

    Replacement License Fees

    The fee will depend on the type of duplicate document you are requesting and your age.

    • Duplicate license or permit: $5.
    • Duplicate ID card: $10.
    • Duplicate ID card (under 18 years old): $10.

    Your replacement license is free if ANY of the following statements is TRUE:

    • You are an active duty member of the armed services or are the spouse or dependent child of an active-duty member of the military and live with him or her.
    • Your license, permit, or ID was stolen and you bring a police report to the DSD office.
    • You are 60 years old or older and your license, permit, or ID was lost or stolen.

    Out-of-State IL Driver's License Replacement

    If you are out of state and need to replace your driver's license, the method you take to request a replacement will depend on how long you're out of state.

    Returning to IL Within 90 Days

    If the license you lost was valid and you will be returning to Illinois within 90 days, the SOS recommends that you request a temporary permit to be sent to your current out-of-state address.

    To request a permit, call the Special License and Re-Examination Unit of the Secretary of State's office at (217) 782-6901. You will be asked to provide some key information (see below).

    Staying Out of State for More than 90 Days

    If you will be out of IL for longer than 90 days, you can request that an application for a non-photo duplicate driver's license be sent to your current address.

    To request an application, call the Special License and Re-Examination Unit of the Secretary of State's office at (217) 782-6901 OR send a letter of request to:

    Secretary of State
    Attn: Special License and Re-Examination Unit
    2701 S. Dirksen Parkway
    Springfield, Illinois 62723

    Whether you are requesting a temporary permit or an application for a duplicate license, in your call or letter you must provide your:

    • Full name.
    • Driver's license number.
    • Date of birth.
    • Out-of-state address.

    Note: If you received a temporary permit valid for 90 days or non-photo duplicate license while out-of-state, you must go to your local Driver Services Office once you return to the state to complete a full replacement of your driver's license.

    Illinois Military License Replacement

    The state doesn't give specific guidelines on replacing a lost or stolen license for military members stationed out-of-state or overseas.

    Follow the general guidelines provided above for requesting a replacement license, permit, or ID from out of state.

    IL Commercial Driver's License Replacement

    Report your lost or stolen commercial driver's license (CDL) to the police, just as you would a regular license. Law enforcement will mark it as missing in a national registry to prevent fraud.

    Certain driver service facilities handle lost or stolen CDLs. Refer to the state's Facility Finder and choose the CDL option. Enter your city or zip code to find the facility nearest you.

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