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  • Plate Surrender in Illinois

    Registering a car?

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    After registering your car, the accompanying license plates become your property. This means no surrendering of plates following an out-of-state move. However, you may be required to surrender your plates after selling your vehicle.

    Moving to Illinois

    As a new Illinois resident, you must title and register your car within 30 days of establishing residency. You’ll then receive Illinois plates. Depending on the policies of your former state, you may be required to surrender your old license plates. If you’re unsure, contact the DMV from your previous state.

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    Moving from IL

    No surrendering of license plates when you move out of Illinois. The plates are yours. Keep as souvenirs, or check if your new neighborhood offers license plate recycling.

    Know what to expect before moving. Visit our Moving Out of Illinois page.

    Selling a Used Car in Illinois

    After agreeing to sell, remove the car’s license plates before handing over the car keys. You can then transfer the plates to another vehicle under your name. Otherwise the SOS may request that you surrender your plates. Possible surrendering applies to both standard and specialized license plates.

    Visit our Title Transfers page for more information on selling a car.

    Buying a Used Car in IL

    When it comes to buying there is no surrendering of license plates. After agreeing to buy, you must register the car with the SOS.

    For more details on buying a car, check out our Vehicle Title Transfers page.

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