Motorcycle Registration in Illinois

In Illinois, motorcycles are titled and registered in the same way as other motor vehicles.

If you bought your motorcycle from a dealer, the dealer will take care of getting your new purchase titled and registered. The dealer will also collect the sales tax. For a private-party purchase, you'll need to take care of this paperwork yourself. Read on.

IL Motorcycle Title and Registration

The key document for registering a motorcycle is the Application for Title and Registration. This form is not available online, but it can be obtained by visiting or contacting any Secretary of State(SOS) office that handles registration and titling.

In addition to the Application for Title and Registration, you will need to submit proof that you own the motorcycle. This will be the title that the previous owner signed over to you.

The odometer disclosure statement on the back of the surrendered title should be filled out. Double-check that your name and the vehicle identification number (VIN) are the same on the signed-over title as they are on your application.

The Secretary of State of Illinois has put together a pamphlet to help you with some of the details: Title and Registration: Tips for Completing Your Application (Form VSD 293) is available for download.


The fee to title your motorcycle for the first time is $95, plus $41 to register it and get your license plate. You will then pay $41 each year to renew your registration.

Illinois Sales Tax

All motorcycles sold in Illinois, including those sold between individuals (private parties), are subject to sales tax. Vehicle sales tax rates in Illinois vary by county and municipality.

If you bought your bike from a dealer, the dealer will collect the sales tax from you. If you purchased from a private party, you must pay the sales tax when you title and register the motorcycle.

If you want to know the amount before you appear at a motor vehicle services office, you will need to consult the most recent edition of the Sales Tax Rate Reference Manual (ST-25). This publication will tell you exactly what you owe based on where in Illinois you purchased the vehicle.

Where to Apply

You can submit your application directly to any Secretary of State office offering motor vehicle services. You can also send your application by mail to:

  • Secretary of State
  • Vehicle Services Department
  • 501 S. 2nd St, RM 014
  • Springfield, IL 62756

Off-road Motorcycles

Off-road motorcycles designed for recreational use must be titled, but not registered since they may never be used on public highways and roads in Illinois. They may only be used on private property or taken by trailer to an approved recreation area.

All other motorcycles must be both titled and registered with the State of Illinois.

New Resident

You must register your motorcycle within 30 days of establishing Illinois residence. To register, follow the same steps described above.

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