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  • Motorcycle Manual in Illinois

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    IL Motorcycle Manual

    Because motorcycle riders are vulnerable (not protected by a metal box like those riding in cars), they often suffer more serious injuries in the event of an accident. Even what would be merely a fender-bender for an auto can result in long-term disability or even death when it happens to a rider exposed on two wheels.

    Long-term medical care can end up being at the expense of the State of Illinois. So if the licensing examiners can deny or delay a first-time motorcycle license until they're sure you're well prepared to handle a dangerous riding situation, they will. Protect yourself from harm by studying the IL Motorcycle Manual thoroughly. This can also help you pass the written test and road test the first time through. It is available online.

    If you are also applying for a first-time driver's license, you will want to see the other Illinois driver handbooks available to help you study for the licensing exams. Remember, you will need to pass the standard Illinois car driver's licensing process as well in order to be licensed to operate a motorcycle.

    The manual can be downloaded and printed out using the free Adobe Reader software. You can also get a hard copy of the motorcycle manual at any Secretary of State Driver Services Department office.

    Contents of the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual

    Though you should read and study the manual, don't miss the "Earning Your License" chapter at the end, which is an important resource for new applicants. The complete manual covers:

    Operating Motorcycles in Illinois

    • Classification
    • Rental and Out-of-State Drivers
    • Moped Operators
    • License Plates
    • Motorcycle Traffic Laws

    Perparing to Ride

    • Wear the Right Gear
    • Helmet Use
    • Helmet Selection
    • Eye and Face Protection
    • Clothing
    • Know Your Motorcycle
    • The Right Motorcycle for You
    • Borrowing and Lending
    • Get Familiar with the Controls
    • Check Your Motorcycle
    • Know Your Responsibilities

    Ride within Your Abilities

    • Basic Vehicle Control
    • Body Position
    • Shifting Gears
    • Braking
    • Turning
    • Keeping Your Distance
    • Lane Positions
    • Following Another Vehicle
    • Being Followed
    • Passing and Being Passed
    • Lane Sharing
    • Merging Cars
    • Cars Alongside
    • SIPDE
    • Intersections
    • Blind Intersections
    • Passing Parked Cars
    • Parking at the Roadside
    • Being Seen
    • Clothing
    • Headlight
    • Signals
    • Brake Light
    • Using Your Mirrors
    • Head Checks
    • Horn
    • Riding at Night
    • Crash Avoidance
    • Quick Stops
    • Swerving or Turning Quickly
    • Cornering
    • Handling Dangerous Surfaces
    • Uneven Surfaces and Obstacles
    • Slippery Surfaces
    • Tracks and Pavement Seams
    • Grooves and Gratings
    • Mechanical Problems
    • Tire Failure
    • Stuck Throttle
    • Wobble
    • Chain Problems
    • Engine Seizure
    • Animals
    • Flying Objects
    • Getting Off the Road
    • Carrying Passengers and Cargo
    • Equipment
    • Instructing Passengers
    • Riding with Passengers
    • Carrying Loads
    • Group Riding

    Being in Shape to Ride

    • Protect Yourself and Others
    • Alcohol and Other Drugs in
      Motorcycle Operation
    • Alcohol in the Body
    • Blood-Alcohol Concentration
    • Alcohol and the Law
    • Consequences of Conviction
    • Protect Your Friends
    • Fatigue

    Earning Your License

    • Exercises
    • Termination
    • Skills Test
    • Required Equipment
    • Knowledge Test and Answers

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