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    Illinois' Secretary of State offers a huge assortment of free downloadable manuals, handbooks, and other publications online to help motorists educate themselves. All you need in order to view, save, and print these documents is Adobe's free Reader software. Here's just a sampling of the manuals you can access:

    Illinois Rules of the Road: Also called the driver's handbook, this detailed manual goes over almost every aspect of driving, obtaining driver's licenses, properly managing title and registration, and even selling a car. Sample test questions are sprinkled through the text with an answer key in the back of the book.

    Illinois Commercial Driver's License Study Guide: This document goes into exhaustive detail on every aspect of the commercial driver licensing requirements and processes for Illinois. You can also obtain a free printed copy at your local driver license office; considering the ink and paper needed on this one, that may be less expensive than printing it yourself.

    Illinois Traffic Offenses (Revised): Concise listing of all Illinois traffic offenses and their code numbers; handy if you want to know exactly what that ticket is accusing you of doing.

    Bicycle Rules of the Road: Aimed mainly at the young rider but also useful for older bicyclists, this short handbook covers laws, traffic signals, signs, equipment, and safety.

    DUI Fact Book: This book contains statistics, laws, and other materials relating to driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol.

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