Lost Traffic Ticket in Illinois

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Illinois Traffic Ticket Information

If you lost your traffic ticket, contact the appropriate IL county court directly or the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) for specific details about your traffic ticket. You'll need to ask for information about your traffic citation, such as ticket fines, deadlines, and payment methods.

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Lost Traffic Ticket Search in Illinois

Neither the IL SOS nor the Illinois court system provides the option to search for lost traffic tickets online.

If you can remember where you received your IL traffic ticket, you're in luck. Just contact the traffic court in that area and request the lost traffic ticket information.

If you cannot remember where the officer issued your traffic citation, contact the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) at (800) 252-8980. As long as you can provide your IL driver's license number, a representative can give you everything from the citation number to the county court you need to go through.

NOTE: If you recently lost an IL parking ticket, you'll need to contact the issuing agency in the city where you received it. For traffic citations such as speeding tickets, red light tickets, and other moving violations, keep reading for additional details.

Visit the Illinois County Court Website

Illinois provides a list of courts online. You'll have to call them to obtain information about your lost ticket.

Visit your county's court website to find out if they provide other options to search for an IL traffic ticket; chances are, though, you'll have to call the court (or appear in person) and request the lost ticket information.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your IL Ticket

Once you find your lost ticket information In Illinois, you can respond by submitting one of the following pleas:

Pleading "guilty" in Illinois means one of two things:

  • You'll plead "guilty," pay the ticket fine, and have a traffic conviction on your Illinois driving record.
  • You'll plead "guilty," pay the ticket fine, and attend traffic school to keep the IL traffic violation conviction off your driving record.

The court will notify you of your ticket payment options. Head over to our Paying Your Traffic Ticket section for more on how to pay a ticket once you get information about your lost ticket.

Pleading "not guilty" to your traffic ticket means going to traffic court, and that's an entirely different ball game. To get additional help in fighting your IL traffic citation, look into hiring an IL traffic ticket attorney. Check our Fighting Your Illinois Traffic Ticket page for more information on how to contest an IL traffic ticket.

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