Bill of Sale Requirements in Illinois

IL Bill of Sale Basics

In Illinois, a bill of sale is not required for title transfers. However, it if highly suggested that you complete one anyway when you are making a vehicle sales transaction. A bill of sale is a document recording the sale of property between one person and another. Commonly, it's used to commemorate the sale of a car, and beyond state requirements, is useful as a record for tax purposes, plus it protects the seller in the event that the buyer fails to register the car or later abandons it.

Bill of Sale Specifics in Illinois

There is no official Illinois bill of sale form. You may create your own. In general, a bill of sale should include the following:

  • The buyer and seller's:
    • Names.
    • Current addresses.
    • Phone numbers.
    • Signatures.
  • Sale price of the vehicle.
  • Odometer reading.
  • The vehicle's:
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Make.
    • Model.
    • Year.

Junked Vehicle Bill of Sale

The State of Illinois does, however, provide a special Junked Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form VSD 658) to use if you have lost the title certificate for a vehicle you are sending to the salvage yard. This document needs to be used in conjunction with the Certificate of Final Disposition (Form VSD 657).

Generic Bill of Sale

To assist you in finding a form, we provide a free, printable bill of sale form for your use.


VSD 657

Submit this form to the IL SOS when selling OR donating a salvage vehicle.

VSD 658

Complete this Bill of Sale form when selling or giving away a junked vehicle in IL.

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