Replacing a Lost CDL in Idaho

Notify Authorities of Stolen License

Simply replacing a lost or stolen commercial driver's license (CDL) is a breeze. You are not required to report your lost license to the DMV or to the police. However, if you feel it has been stolen and that someone might be using it fraudulently, you might consider notifying the authorities to protect your identity. Keep in mind that if your driving privileges have been revoked in any state, your request for a replacement will not be granted.

How to Get a Duplicate

If you are an Idaho resident and currently in Idaho, you must appear in person at your county driver's license office to obtain a duplicate.

If you are an Idaho resident who is either traveling or living temporarily out of state, and you are not eligible for residency in another jurisdiction, you might have the option to apply for a replacement by mail. Simply download the Duplicate Driver's License form, print it and fill it out. Then include your payment of $15 (check, money order, or MasterCard or Visa information; do not send cash), and mail or fax it to:

  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • Driver Services
  • P.O. Box 7129
  • Boise, ID 83707
  • Fax: (208) 334-8586
  • Phone: (208) 334-8736, option 3

New Federal Requirements

You must self-certify your type of vehicle operation with the Idaho DMV by January 2014. This means you must self-certify one of the following driving categories:

  • Non-Excepted Interstate
  • Excepted Interstate
  • Non-Excepted Intrastate
  • Excepted Intrastate

If you choose Non-Excepted Interstate, you must provide the DMV with a federal medical certificate.

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