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  • Driver Handbook in Idaho

    The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers a variety of guidelines and tips on its official website. But most everything you need to know as an Idaho motorist is contained in the three handbooks, or manuals, that it publishes.

    You can download PDF versions of the Idaho Driver's Manual, Motorcycle Operator's Manual, and the Commercial Driver's License Manual to read and keep on your computer or to print. (You will need the free Adobe Reader to download and read PDF files.} You can also pick up hard copies at your local driver's license office.

    Idaho Driver's Manual

    This manual goes over the driving laws and safety practices that every person who operates a motor vehicle should know. It is available in English (the English version is also available in various audio formats) and Spanish, and covers:

    • Licensing information
    • Traffic laws
    • Signs, signals, and pavement markings
    • The task of driving (everything from good habits and following distances to defensive driving and handling emergencies)
    • Sharing the road
    • Adjusting to driving conditions
    • Freeway driving
    • How to protect your driving privileges
    • Vehicle equipment and safety
    • Vehicle title and registration

    Idaho Motorcycle Operator's Manual

    Although the Idaho Transportation Department designed this Motorcycle Operator's Manual for beginners, it strongly suggests that veteran riders use it to stay abreast of the basic motor vehicle laws and rules of the road continuously, as well as to stay in tune with the motorcycle safety practices presented in its pages. The manual addresses the following:

    • Earning your license: endorsement and test fees.
    • Preparing to ride: riding gear, know your motorcycle, know your responsibilities.
    • Ride within your abilities: basic vehicle control, keeping your distance, SIPDE, intersections, see and be seen, crash avoidance, handling dangerous surfaces, mechanical problems, animals, flying objects, getting off the road, carrying passengers and cargo, group riding.
    • Being in shape to ride: fatigue, sample test questions, on-cycle skills test.

    Commercial Driver's License Manual

    This Commercial Driver's License Manual details the information covered in all of the Idaho CDL written and skills tests. When preparing to obtain a CDL, you should also study the Idaho Driver's Manual, as the exams you will take will pull information from both.

    The heftiest of all three driving manuals provided by the state, the CDL Manual provides a helpful chart on page six titled "How to Use This Manual." Keep the manual in your vehicle or recycle it by returning it to your driver's license office.

    This manual contains information on the following:

    • License requirements
    • Driving safety
    • Transporting cargo safely
    • Transporting passengers
    • Air brakes
    • Combination vehicles
    • Doubles and triples
    • Tank vehicles
    • Hazardous materials
    • Pre-trip inspection test
    • Basic skills control test
    • Road test
    • Forms

    The CDL Manual is also available in Spanish.

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