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    ID Custom Built Car Registration

    It's a labor of love. While pouring hours into your custom-built car, you may not have considered the additional time required to get your work of art registered in the state of Idaho. If you are just in the beginning stages of piecing your car together, be sure you keep good records of every detail that will go into constructing the car, including original bills of sale for the parts used.

    Because the vehicle is not originally constructed by a manufacturer (or it has been greatly altered from its original build), the state views the car as a conglomeration of parts. Therefore they need to look at everything that went into its construction in order to assess the registration specifics.

    The procedure for registering a custom-built car in Idaho varies, just the details of the chassis or the kit can make a difference in the steps involved. Therefore, the state treats the particulars of each custom-built car on a case-by-case basis.

    Keep in mind that your vehicle, regardless of model, must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

    These procedures can even vary from county to county. Hence, you must contact a motor vehicle investigator at your local county assessors office to assess the steps in registering such a vehicle in your area.

    Special plates are also available. Simply fill out the Special Plates for Special Vehicles (Form ITD 4675) and choose which type of vehicle you have, for example a street rod. See the form for the applicable fees.

    If you have questions, e-mail the DMV at or call the DMV Vehicle Services Section (Vehicle Registrations) at (208) 334-8649.

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