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  • Name Change in Idaho

    Idaho Name Change Package - $29.95

    Miss Now Mrs's Name Change Packages automates the completion of the required forms to change your name in Idaho. Simply complete a quick questionnaire, print out the forms and file them. It couldn't be easier.

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    Name Change Package
    Includes Forms for:

    • Drivers License
    • Vehicle Title
    • Registration
    • IRS
    • Voter Registration
    • US Passport
    • Bank Notification
    • Credit Card Notification
    • Insurance Notification

    Changing Your Driver's License or Identification Card

    If your name changes―for example, because of a recent marriage or divorce― you can easily update your driver's license or identification card. Either apply for a duplicate card, or change your name when you renew. You'll also need to hand over your current driver's license or identification card.

    Legal Proof of Your New Name

    When you visit the nearest DMV office, show the examiner proof of name change. You can use a certified marriage certificate that meets the State's standards, a divorce decree, or documents from the court that reflect a date that falls later than the current record.


    The fee for a duplicate license, permit or supervised instructional permit is $15.

    ID Card:

    • Under 18 years old: $10
    • 18 to 21 years old: $10
    • Valid for 4 years: $10
    • Valid for 8 years: $20

    Changing Your Title and/or Registration

    Making changes to either your title or your registration requires an in-person visit. However, when you trek to your county DMV to change your title, you can also easily change your registration at the same time.

    Because minor details might vary from county to county, you should call ahead before you make the trip. Keep in mind that fees may vary and that it's worth checking out ahead of time whether your county views the name change as a title transfer.

    You can also inquire with the State's vehicle registration department by calling (208) 334-8663 or with Vehicle titles at (208) 334-8663.

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