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    Along with earning the privileges of the road comes the responsibility of accidents, and therefore, personal injury. The details of who is at fault in an auto accident can be tricky as there are typically a number of factors one must consider when looking to place blame.

    Weather and road condition alone can blur the lines that point to one at-fault driver or another taking the responsibility of causing an accident. Therefore, if you are injured in an automobile accident, you may consider hiring a special attorney to flesh out the details of personal injury law. Lucky for you, there are a number of personal injury attorneys in Idaho.

    A lawyer can help determine (and prove) whether a driver is responsible for an accident and if he/she should take on financial responsibility as such. This person can also help lay out the specifics of the injuries (bills incurred, etc.) caused by the accident.

    Often, the responsibility of an accident is not 100% one driver's fault or another's. Perhaps both drivers involved are equally responsible, or maybe one driver is only 25% at fault.

    Insurance companies look at these numbers in determining what they will pay out in coverage. Sure, anyone can assign a dollar amount to tangible, "economic" damage, but what happens in the case of lost wages, pain and suffering, or long-term bodily injury?

    The "non-economic damage" that includes what we consider pain and suffering is often the hardest to determine. Lastly, the insurance company will look at physical disfigurement and impairment, including the costs associated with permanent bodily injury.

    This is where the lines of responsibility really begin to blur. An insurance company does not want to pay for your rehab and injuries forever. Therefore, they might try to cut you a deal, offering you a settlement. This is where you would best benefit from a personal injury attorney. They deal with these situations daily and know the ins and outs of getting fair compensation for you.

    Although every driver is required by law to carry liability insurance, dealing with an auto accident is nothing short of a nerve-wracking hassle. And while you can't control the behavior of every other driver with whom you share the road, or the weather and road conditions, you can see why it behooves you to be the most defensive driver you can be.

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