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  • Traffic Tickets in Iowa

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    Iowa Traffic Tickets

    Did you know that millions of traffic tickets are issued each year in the United States?

    In Iowa, most traffic tickets are given for speeding; however, many Iowa drivers receive tickets for failing to stop or running a red light, parking illegally, or violating Iowa's safety belt and child restraint laws.

    Of course, tickets are also given for reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), and other more serious offenses.

    In addition to the expense and hassle of a traffic ticket, violations could also affect your car insurance rates and add points to your IA driver's license.

    What Happens After I Get a Ticket?

    After you are issued a traffic ticket, you have the following options:

    • If you are prepared to plead guilty to the violation, you can pay the fine by mailing a check or money order to the address shown on the traffic ticket or paying online.
      • For assistance determining the amount owed, contact the clerk of court in the county listed on the ticket.
    • If you believe you are not guilty and want to fight the ticket, you can choose to appear in court to contest the fine. A court appearance date is typically listed on the citation. You are welcome to hire an attorney.

    How Does a Ticket Impact My Driving Record?

    The Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Driver Services (ODS) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining your driving record. If you are involved in an excessive number of accidents or receive too many driver's license points for moving violations, your driving privileges may be restricted.

    A point system is used to determine when your IA driver's license will be suspended. If you're a new Iowa resident or a frequent traveler, any applicable out-of-state convictions will be applied to your Iowa driving record.

    Car Insurance Impact

    Your insurance company reviews your driving record periodically to make changes to your premium.

    Since your auto insurance coverage is based primarily on your driving record, getting a traffic ticket may result in higher monthly premiums if you're considered a higher risk driver.

    However, you must contact your insurance company directly to learn more about how your traffic ticket will affect your rates.

    What Should I Do if I Lose My Ticket?

    If you misplace your traffic ticket, you can receive a copy from the Iowa ODS for just $0.50. To get a copy, mail a written request with the date of the ticket, your mailing address, and your Iowa driver's license number to:

    Office of Driver Services
    Iowa Department of Transportation
    P.O. Box 9204
    Des Moines, IA 50306

    What Happens if I Refuse to Pay My Ticket?

    If you fail to pay your traffic ticket by the due date, your license may be suspended and you will not be able to legally drive until the Office of Driver Services receives proof that you have paid all appropriate fines, fees, and court costs. The suspension will also be noted on your driving record.

    Refusal to pay or appear in court could also result in a bench warrant for your arrest, additional fees or fines, or additional sentencing.