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  • Replacing a Lost Registration in Iowa

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    Your registration card is proof that you are legally allowed to drive your vehicle on Iowa roads. Iowa law requires that all vehicles be registered. In addition, vehicle registrations are renewed on a yearly basis according to the date of your birth.

    Unlike your certificate of title, you should always keep your registration card in your vehicle. In fact, if you are ever stopped by a police officer while driving, he or she will ask to see your license and registration.

    Replacing a Lost Registration

    If your vehicle registration card is lost or damaged, you should obtain a duplicate as soon as possible to avoid potential fines. Fortunately, it's easy to request a new card at your county treasurer's office.

    There are no complicated forms to complete. You'll simply need to provide your license plate number and pay a replacement fee. You may also obtain replacement validation stickers at this time if necessary.

    Replacing Validation Stickers

    If you need a replacement for the license plate validation sticker that is mailed with your yearly vehicle registration, visit your county treasurer's office during regular business hours.

    If you have the current vehicle registration card, bring it with you to receive a free replacement validation sticker. If not, you'll need to apply for a replacement registration card and pay the fee before you can receive replacement validation stickers.

    Replacing Your License Plates

    If you've lost or damaged your vehicle's license plates, you can request replacement plates at your county treasurer's office. However, you will need to provide proof of current vehicle registration and pay a fee for this service.

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