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  • Identification Cards in Iowa

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    ID Cards in Iowa

    An Iowa driver's license is often used as proof of identification when purchasing alcohol or tobacco, cashing checks, and applying for certain types of government programs.

    However, if you don't drive, an Iowa photo identification card can be used as official documentation in place of a current driver's license. Since there are no necessary tests or waiting periods, applying for an ID card is a pain-free process.

    ID Card Eligibility Requirements

    You are eligible to apply for an Iowa identification card if you can show proof of the following:

    • Identification.
    • Social Security number.
    • Address and Iowa residency.
    • Birth date.
    • Citizenship.

    Applying for an ID Card in Iowa

    There is NO age requirement for a non-operator identification card in Iowa.

    To apply for a state ID in Iowa, you must visit your local driver’s license issuance station and:

    • Show proof of identity, date of birth, and citizenship, such as your:
      • Valid, unexpired passports.
      • Certified birth certificates.
      • Certificates of citizenship (Form N-560, Form N-561, or Form N-645).
    • Submit proof of Social Security number, such as your:
      • Social Security card.
      • W-2 form.
      • Social Security Administration 1099 form.
    • Provide documents to prove residency in Iowa, such as:
      • Iowa voter registration card.
      • Iowa vehicle registration certificate.
      • Utility hookup or bill.
    • Pay the $8 Iowa ID card fee.

    Your non-driver ID card will expire after 8 years.

    NOTE: Be prepared to surrender any existing driver’s licenses or non-driver IDs when applying for a new ID card in Iowa.

    Proof of Identity

    The Iowa DOT has compiled an online checklist of acceptable forms of documentation, as well as a PDF brochure outlining the identification requirements.

    Applicants can use any form of identification from this list. However, only original documents will be accepted.

    Iowa ID Card Renewals

    Iowa cards expire 8 years from the date of issue. To renew your card at a local Iowa driver's license station, you must bring your:

    • Iowa ID card.
    • Credit or debit card for the $8 ID card renewal fee.
    • Social Security number.

    You can also renew your ID online for an additional $1.50 fee.

    Replace Your Lost, Stolen, or Damaged ID Card

    If you’re looking to replace a lost or stolen identification card in Iowa, you must apply in person at an IA driver’s license issuance station and:

    • Submit proof of identity, such as your:
      • Valid/unexpired U.S. passport.
      • Certified copy of your state-issued birth certificate.
      • Certificate of naturalization.
    • Payment for the $8 ID card replacement fee.

    NOTE: There are no fees for replacing defective Iowa ID cards or licenses.

    Change Your Address in Iowa

    NOTE: If you would like your actual ID card updated, you must apply in person. Otherwise, the DOT will only change the mailing address on record.

    You must notify the Iowa DOT within 30 days of an address change.

    This can be done in person, online, or by mail or fax.

    In Person

    To change your address in person, you must visit your local IA DOT office and:


    To change your address online, visit the IA DOT website.

    By Mail or Fax

    To change your address by mail or by fax:

    • Submit a completed Change of Address Notice (Form 430012) with your:
      • Full name.
      • Driver’s license number.
      • New mailing address.
      • Signature.
    • Mail or fax everything to:

    Office of Driver Services
    Iowa Department of Transportation
    P.O. Box 9204
    Des Moines, IA 50306

    You may also fax your items directly to (515) 239-1837.

    Change Your Name on Your ID Card

    If you changed your legal name, you must visit your local IA DMV office and:

    • Bring proof of the name change, such as:
      • Certified marriage certificate.
      • Court-ordered name change document.
      • Divorce decree.
    • Decree of adoption.
    • Pay the $8 Iowa ID card replacement fee.

    NOTE: All documents must be originals.