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    Importance of ID Cards

    An Iowa driver's license is often used as proof of identification when purchasing alcohol or tobacco, cashing checks, and applying for certain types of government programs. If you don't drive, an Iowa photo identification card can be used as official documentation in place of a current driver's license. Since there are no necessary tests or waiting periods, applying for an ID card is a pain-free process.

    Applying for an ID Card

    To receive an Iowa nondriver ID card, you'll need to visit your nearest driver's license station. Most driver's license stations are open during regular weekday business hours. No appointment is necessary.

    An Iowa photo identification card looks very similar to an Iowa driver's license. Underage applicants will have the words "under 18" or "under 21" prominently displayed on the face of the card to prevent illegal alcohol or tobacco purchases.

    ID cards cost $8 and are valid for 8 years.

    Proof of ID

    Before receiving your card, you'll be asked to present proof of:

    • Identity, date of birth and lawful presence in the U.S.
      • Accepted documents include valid U.S. Passports, certified copy of your Birth Certificate, Certification of Naturalization, etc.
    • Residence.
      • Accepted documents include Iowa voter registration card, valid Iowa insurance card, current utility bill, etc.
    • Social Security number.
      • Accepted documents include your Social Security card, W-2 form, pay stub with SSN on it, etc.

    The Iowa DOT has compiled an online checklist of acceptable forms of documentation, as well as a pdf brochure outlining the ID requirements. Drivers can use any form of ID from this list. However, only original documents will be accepted.

    Renewing an ID Card

    Iowa cards expire 8 years from the date of issue. You may renew your card at a driver's license station for an $8 fee. You can renew your ID online for an additional $1.50 fee.

    However, you will need to apply for a replacement card if you change your address or legal name within this time period.

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