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  • Driver Handbook in Iowa

    SUMMARY: Iowa Driver's Handbooks

    In Iowa, the Department of Transportation (DOT) offers a variety of online resources to help you become a safer driver. These include the IA driver's manual, commercial driver's license manual, and motorcycle operator manual. If you're interested in Iowa traffic and vehicle laws, you can also view the Vehicle Code online.

    This page includes links to the Iowa driver and vehicle handbooks available online.

    Iowa Driver's Manual

    Before the IA DOT will issue you a driver's license, you'll need to pass a written exam, which tests your knowledge on safe driving practices and traffic rules. The best way to prepare is by reviewing the Iowa Driver's Manual. Topics covered include:

    • Rules of the road.
    • IA driver's license exam process.
    • Basic driving skills.
    • Defensive driving.
    • Traffic signs, signals, and road markings.
    • Yielding to other vehicles.

    The driver's manual also includes practice questions as additional preparation for the written exam.

    Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

    If you want to ensure passing the written exam on your first try, you may want to try an online practice test from our certified partner.

    Commercial Driver's License Manual

    If you're interested in getting your commercial driver license (CDL) in Iowa, you'll need to read the Commercial Driver License Manual to prepare for your IA DOT written exam.

    The manual will cover a variety of subjects, including:

    • How to apply for an Iowa CDL, including fees.
    • Safety rules when driving a commercial vehicle.
    • Transporting passengers.
    • What to expect when you take your road skills and written exams.
    • CDL disqualifications and suspensions.
    • Basic vehicle control skills.
    • Serious traffic violations.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual in IA

    Before you apply for you motorcycle license, you'll need to study the Iowa Motorcycle Operator Manual. The handbook has all kinds of information to help you pass the written exam, such as:

    • Motorcycle operation laws.
    • Shifting gears, turning, and braking.
    • How to deal with mechanical problems on the road.
    • Safety gear.
    • Passing other vehicles safely (and being passed).
    • Sharing lanes with other vehicles and bicyclists.
    • Avoiding crashes.

    The motorcycle manual also includes a sample knowledge test. If you need additional test questions before taking your IA DOT exam, try an online Iowa motorcycle practice test.

    Other Iowa Driver Manuals

    The Iowa DOT also provides other driver manuals online:

    • Minor School License.
    • Instruction Permit.
    • Intermediate License (GDL).
    • Iowa Truck Information Guide.
    • You're the Coach, A Parent's Guide for New Drivers.
    • Senior Drivers' Workbook.
    • Older Drivers and Risk - Why Be Concerned With Senior Mobility?

    IA Vehicle Code

    The Iowa Vehicle Code outlines all the rules and regulations related to driver's licenses, traffic tickets, vehicle titling and registration procedures, and more.

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