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Vintage Motorcycles
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It's hard to get two people to come to a complete agreement as to what constitutes a vintage motorcycle or scooter.

Some claim that it's any such vehicle manufactured, say, at least 30 years ago. Others get even more in-depth, arguing the finer points of vintage vs. classic (a classic being a bike that set a new standard).

Chances are, you probably already have a pretty good idea what qualifies as a vintage scooter or motorcycle.

Let's instead take a look at something that nearly everyone agrees about― the ardent love that many bikers feel toward vintage bikes, and the growing enthusiasm for such bikes. It's easy to witness this affection through vintage motorcycle and scooter rallies and forums.


If you're a motorbike aficionado, you need to check out a motorcycle or scooter rally. These events are held over multiple days, and may include parties, raffles, cook-outs, auctions, and concerts. Rallies differ from meets, which are one-day events, and usually involve fewer activities. Many rallies include runs or rides, which are planned routes that take riders over enjoyable, scenic paths.

Sites such as motorcycle rallies provide a comprehensive rally calendar. Perhaps the best known and biggest rally is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota.

For those specifically interested in vintage motorcycle rallies, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Vintage Day Rally held in Lexington, Ohio, is a huge event―one that many vintage enthusiasts point to on their calendars months ahead of time.

Lightning Customs provides comprehensive lists of both vintage and nonvintage motorcycle rallies and other events.


Ever wish there was someone you could share your love of vintage scooters or motorcycles with? Or maybe get some advice on how to care for your bike, or on how to add to your collection?

Well, scooter and motorcycle clubs abound on the Internet, enabling you to make friends, learn something, or just hang out. Scooter enthusiasts might try Scooter-Forums, a site with an active message board and chat area. It even features a radio station, Webcasting tunes especially targeted for scooter lovers.

Also, you might have luck finding scooter friends and lively discussion by checking this list of the 100 Top Classic Scooter Sites.

For general motorcycle chat, try the MotorcycleUSA forum.

Happy biking!

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Rates in 3 Steps

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