Car Donation

Feeling philanthropic? Make sure you're protected if you are thinking about donating your car. Learn how to protect yourself by reading our donating your car guide at The DMV Made Simple.

In This Section
  • How to Donate a Car

    Car donation can be a great way to give back to the community. Learn how you can donate your car with our helpful guide.

  • When to Donate Your Car

    Read our car donation guide to help determine the best time to donate your car.

  • DMV Requirements for Car Donation

    Learn about the DMV requirements you must meet in order to complete a car donation.

  • Car Donation Charities & Organizations

    Interested in donating your vehicle? Find out how to select the best charity to donate to, and what your car may be used for after it’s donated.

  • Tax Deductions & Car Donations

    Learn how to take advantage of tax deductions after donating a car.

  • Other Vehicle Donations

    Read our guide to donating other vehicles, such as boats and motorcycles.

  • Cash for Clunkers

    The Cash for Clunkers program helped drivers turn in older vehicles for newer fuel-efficient ones. Some cities still have similar recycling programs available for you to utilize.

  • Car Donation vs. Cash for Junk Cars

    Learn how car donation and cash for junk car programs can help you get rid of your old car.

  • California Vehicle Retirement

    Learn how you can take advantage of California’s vehicle retirement program and get yourself into a more fuel-efficient car.

  • Car Donation Scams

    Donating your car? Learn about possible car donation scams and how to you can avoid them.